About US

Bloggers Complaint Board is part of the family of scamFRAUDalert sites.

Founded in 2005,  scamFRAUDalert are  not some fly by night consumer advocacy group. Nor are we own, operated or are part of an Online Media Marketing Company. [Our Work @ scam.com – Search For All Posts By” Scrub”]

We are an internet online consumer news media watch group. We report on consumer news, scams, frauds, employment scam and other bad business practices online. [scamFRAUDalert WayBack]

We believe the internet is a great tool and a global community. Keeping this community safe has been our primary mission and it should be a goal of every member. Why? Because it benefits us all.

We frown on scams, frauds and deceptive practices. For these practices are an erosion of trust and destructive to commerce and e-commerce. We are advocate for transparency.

We encourage everyone to voice his or her opinion” Good or bad” for this is the fabric of a democracy.

The freedom to speak one mind without fear, threats, intimidation or coercion is every citizen’s constitutional rights.

File a complaint or just say what is bothering you.

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