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Drug Enforcement Agency

United States of America

The Ryan Haight Act Known as
Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008
Sec. 2. Requirement of a valid prescription for
controlled substances dispensed by means of the Internet.

Who's Behind These Online Pharmacies 

SUMMARY: The Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act,
which was enacted on October 15, 2008,amended the Controlled Substances Act and Controlled Substances Import and Export Act by adding several new provisions to prevent the illegal distribution and dispensing of controlled substances by means of the Internet.

Houston We Have A Threat To The Global Internet Infrastructure

These guys not only are trying to sell you prescription drugs without a Doctor’s prescription, they are also running several consumer complaint sites, people finders or people search sites, mugshots sites and requesting that you pay them to have consumer complaints or your mugshot remove. Outright EXTORTION.

The following A records are set to

Address lookup
canonical name
Domain Whois record

Queried with “dom”…

Whois Server:
Referral URL: http://www.NOW.CN
Name Server: NS3.01ISP.COM
Name Server: NS4.01ISP.NET
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 25-may-2011
Creation Date: 28-jun-2010
Expiration Date: 28-jun-2012

Last update of whois database: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 18:53:45 UTC
Queried with “”…

Dear Valued Customer,

This message is a reminder to help you keep the contact data associated with your domain
registration up-to-date. Our records include the following information:

Domain name:
Status: Active
Protection Status: public
Name: Marc Aaron
Organization: Marc Aaron
Address: 423 Westglen dr
City: Naperville
Province/state: IL
Country: US
Postal Code: 60565

Administrative Contact:
Name: Marc Aaron
Organization: Marc Aaron
Address: 423 Westglen dr
City: Naperville
Province/state: IL
Country: US
Postal Code: 60565
Phone: +630.3056249
Fax: +630.3056249

Technical Contact:
Name: Marc Aaron
Organization: Marc Aaron
Address: 423 Westglen dr
City: Naperville
Province/state: IL
Country: US
Postal Code: 60565

Nameserver Information:

Create: 2010-06-29 09:43:29
Update: 2011-05-25
Expired: 2012-06-29
QueryTimes: 224

Network Whois record
Queried with “-B″…

% Information related to ‘ –’

inetnum: –
netname: NL-ECATEL
descr: Dedicated servers
country: NL
admin-c: EL25-RIPE
tech-c: EL25-RIPE
mnt-by: ECATEL-MNT
mnt-lower: ECATEL-MNT
mnt-routes: ECATEL-MNT
changed: 20090813
source: RIPE

role: Ecatel LTD
address: P.O.Box 19533
address: 2521 CA The Hague
address: Netherlands
remarks: —————————————————-
remarks: ECATEL LTD
remarks: Dedicated and Co-location hosting services
remarks: —————————————————-
remarks: for abuse complaints :
remarks: for any other questions :
remarks: —————————————————-
admin-c: EL25-RIPE
tech-c: EL25-RIPE
nic-hdl: EL25-RIPE
mnt-by: ECATEL-MNT
changed: 20090813
source: RIPE

% Information related to ‘’

descr: AS29073 Route object
origin: AS29073
mnt-by: ECATEL-MNT
changed: 20080902
source: RIPE
DNS records

DNS query for returned an error from the server: NameError

name class type data time to live IN A 7200s (02:00:00) IN SOA
serial: 2004010189
refresh: 7200
retry: 1800
expire: 1209600
minimum ttl: 7200
7200s (02:00:00) IN NS 43200s (12:00:00) IN NS 43200s (12:00:00) IN A 7200s (02:00:00)
— end —

Malware Found:

  • html_google_malware
  • Trojan Ramnit
  • Backdoor PHP Hiebot.B
  • Trojan SpyEye
  • Trojan Zbot
  • Trojan Renos
  • Phoenix Exploit
  • Trojan Agents

Associated with the Fake Pharma Criminals:

  • More Malware Domain names here!

The following A records are set to


Romance Scammer Listings

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; Russia; Olga; Andreevna;; 2007-11-09 profile
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; Russia; Aleksandra; nao falou;; 2008-06-15 profile
; Russia; Valeria; belyaeva;; 2008-09-12 profile
; Russia; Elena; ?;; 2009-06-06 profile
; Russia; Nataliya; karandina; “natalya” <; 2009-05-15 profile
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; Russia; Elena; Semenova;; 2012-08-12 profile
; South Africa; Ubaida; daniel;; 2011-06-07 profile
; Ukraine; Elizaveta; Krovatkina;; 2010-07-21 profile
; Ukraine; Jana; nesterenko;; 1970-01-01 profile
; United States of America; Lidia; abt;; 2006-05-11 profile
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; United States of America; Sarah; Sarah119;; 2010-12-05 profile
; United States of America; Glenda; Green;; 2011-04-20 profile
; United States of America; Janet; Tony;; 2011-05-17 profile
; United States of America; Katya; Smolova;; 2006-09-03 profile
; United States of America; Isabela; Johnson;; 2011-03-07 profile
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; United States of America; Anna; Love; ; 2012-08-10 profile
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Aba; Nigeria; Kathy; ?;; 2009-08-30 profile
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Abakan; Russia; Julia; boiko;; 2012-01-26 profile
Abbotsford; Canada; Darlene; ?;; 2012-06-25 profile
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Abeokuta; Nigeria; Alesela; sunday;; 2012-05-16 profile
Abeokuta; Nigeria; Mercy; Anderson;; 2011-11-13 profile
Aberdeen; United Kingdom; Ollie; lambert;; 2008-01-03 profile
Aberdeen; United Kingdom; Anastasiya; Anastasiya;; 2010-06-20 profile
Aberdeen; United Kingdom; Anne; Lewis;; 2011-12-29 profile
Aberdeen; United Kingdom; Penny; Liles;; 2012-05-29 profile
Aberdeen; United Kingdom; Tatiana; myshkina;;; 2012-04-20 profile
Abidjan; Cote D’Ivoire; Lindie; Khobi;; 2011-01-25 profile
Abidjan; Cote D’Ivoire; Kimi; Ola;; 2008-06-17 profile
Abidjan; Cote D’Ivoire; Eminl; coly;; 2008-07-17 profile
Abidjan; Cote D’Ivoire; Blandine; DAVAL;; 2010-01-16 profile
Abidjan; Cote D’Ivoire; Serala; kamillia;; 2009-08-18 profile
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Abidjan; Côte d’Ivoire; Christianne; Duchant;; 2011-10-16 profile
Abidjan; Côte d’Ivoire; Tatiana; Mankara;; 2011-08-19 profile
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Abidjan; Côte d’Ivoire; Emilie; TOURE;; 2011-09-29 profile
Abidjan; Côte d’Ivoire; Mariam; TRAORE;; 2011-10-21 profile
Abidjan; Côte d’Ivoire; Sandra; GOBET;; 2011-11-28 profile
Abidjan; Côte d’Ivoire; Nikey; Samit; ; 2012-07-19 profile
Abilene, TX; United States of America; Angel; Carvert;; 2010-12-28 profile
Ablanitsa; Bulgaria; Emel; emel;; 2009-05-08 profile
Ablanitsa; Bulgaria; Maria; rasmussen;; 2011-06-12 profile
Abuja; Nigeria; Rose; shawn;; 2009-06-07 profile
Abuja; Nigeria; Vivian; Agu;; 2011-05-04 profile
Abuja; Nigeria; Gift; ofogba;; 2010-02-18 profile
Abuja; Nigeria; Lily; Wilson;; 2009-02-05 profile
Abuja; Nigeria; Patricia; anderson;; 2011-06-13 profile
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Abuja; Nigeria; Evlin; Matie;; 2010-08-13 profile
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Abuja; Nigeria; Mary; Fred;; 2010-05-31 profile
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Accra; Ghana; May; abio;; 2008-03-10 profile
Accra; Ghana; Linda; Agyekum;; 2007-03-15 profile
Accra; Ghana; Winifred; apprey;; 2007-12-15 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Comfort; Quaye;; 2011-01-24 profile
Accra; Ghana; Alex; morgan; smith.law41@gmail; 2011-01-08 profile
Accra; Ghana; Gladys or koomson; Tetteh;; 2009-12-07 profile
Accra; Ghana; Ismaila; Abdul;; 2008-03-27 profile
Accra; Ghana; Adjei; REGINA;; 2008-01-05 profile
Accra; Ghana; Millicent; oppong;; 2008-01-02 profile
Accra; Ghana; Alima; musah; _menface2000@yahoo.com_; 2006-09-03 profile
Accra; Ghana; Anna; Ashley;; 2008-02-13 profile
Accra; Ghana; Kem; myron;; 2006-04-05 profile
Accra; Ghana; Margaret; Mensah;; 2010-09-08 profile
Accra; Ghana; Ayishetu; issah;; 2008-07-04 profile
Accra; Ghana; Mariam; Malm;; 2008-05-12 profile
Accra; Ghana; Naomi; Owusua;; 2011-12-16 profile
Accra; Ghana; Diana; quaye;; 2008-06-02 profile
Accra; Ghana; Charlotte; Lopez;; 2008-06-12 profile
Accra; Ghana; Abdulrahman; Yussif;; 2011-02-12 profile
Accra; Ghana; Faisel; Mohammed;; 2008-06-25 profile
Accra; Ghana; Edith; ttipoe;; 2011-12-12 profile
Accra; Ghana; Rashida a; Adams;; 2008-07-08 profile
Accra; Ghana; “diana quaye”; ?;; 2008-06-24 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Jane; drah;; 2008-07-22 profile
Accra; Ghana; Ivy; Bernson;; 2008-08-11 profile
Accra; Ghana; Rashid; salifu;; 2008-08-21 profile
Accra; Ghana; Ayisha; Iliasu;; 2009-11-27 profile
Accra; Ghana; Cool; gina;; 2008-01-20 profile
Accra; Ghana; Gift komey; Gift Komey;; 2008-09-21 profile
Accra; Ghana; Devina; Gbogboth;; 2008-09-20 profile
Accra; Ghana; Rebecca; mensah;; 2008-09-19 profile
Accra; Ghana; Shamsudeen; Alhassan;; 2008-10-03 profile
Accra; Ghana; Evelyn; Nyarko;; 2010-12-11 profile
Accra; Ghana; Mar; Dickson;; 2008-10-11 profile
Accra; Ghana; Eliabeth; Oppong;; 2008-11-06 profile
Accra; Ghana; Rebecca; mensah;; 2008-10-30 profile
Accra; Ghana; Diana; Sarpong;; 2008-10-26 profile
Accra; Ghana; Abigail; DANSO;; 2010-12-10 profile
Accra; Ghana; Salomey; Boafo;; 2008-11-25 profile
Accra; Ghana; Salomey; Boafo; _maame_ernestina@yahoo.ca_; 2008-11-28 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Jenifer; boateng;; 2010-01-10 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Mavis; don’t know;; 2009-08-25 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Elizabeth , regina; Quarshie;; 2011-08-15 profile
Accra; Ghana; Gloria; williams;; 2010-11-04 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Monica; balogun and percy;; 2009-07-11 profile
Accra; Ghana; Evelyn or cynthia; Nyarko or Akley;; 2010-12-05 profile
Accra; Ghana; Seidu; musah;; 2011-04-25 profile
Accra; Ghana; Habiba; kassim;; 2008-01-04 profile
Accra; Ghana; Christina; N/A;; 2009-07-25 profile
Accra; Ghana; Mary; youngg;; 2010-08-29 profile
Accra; Ghana; Gifty; Ameyaw;; 2009-09-14 profile
Accra; Ghana; Sarah; Kingston;; 2011-05-30 profile
Accra; Ghana; Ellen adu amankwaa; Dansomanstreet 25;; 2011-06-02 profile
Accra; Ghana; Mary joyce yakanu; -;; 2009-06-06 profile
Accra; Ghana; Gifty; Yeboah;; 2009-09-06 profile
Accra; Ghana; Gabriel; Love;; 2011-12-07 profile
Accra; Ghana; Gift; Komey;; 2009-02-06 profile
Accra; Ghana; Cindy; ?;; 2009-07-06 profile
Accra; Ghana; Sulley; -;; 2009-07-11 profile
Accra; Ghana; Elizabeth; Bempong;; 2009-11-26 profile
Accra; Ghana; Sexy; love;; 2009-12-20 profile
Accra; Ghana; Sahadatu; Ahmed;; 2009-08-06 profile
Accra; Ghana; Rabiatu; tahiru; specialair2000@yahoo; 2011-01-09 profile
Accra; Ghana; Janet; yeboah;; 2010-02-07 profile
Accra; Ghana; Kemeh; precious1gh;; 2009-09-05 profile
Accra; Ghana; Rebecca logosu; Williams;; 2009-12-28 profile
Accra; Ghana; Victoria; Dormenyo;; 2009-12-04 profile
Accra; Ghana; Gina walter; MAVIS SAGOE;; 2009-08-06 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Evodia; SAM;; 2009-12-09 profile
Accra; Ghana; Evelyn; Ampeh;; 2009-09-16 profile
Accra; Ghana; Elizabeth; Bempong;, eliz4me@hotmail,com,; 2009-10-18 profile
Accra; Ghana; Yolanda ridge; Williams;; 2010-09-30 profile
Accra; Ghana; Ajara; Seidu;; 2010-11-24 profile
Accra; Ghana; Sakina; adams buari awal;; 2009-08-15 profile
Accra; Ghana; Grace; Anzie;; 2011-03-04 profile
Accra; Ghana; Alexandra; acheampong;; 2010-10-03 profile
Accra; Ghana; Cynthia; Asiedu;; 2010-12-24 profile
Accra; Ghana; Grace; Nunoo;; 2010-05-03 profile
Accra; Ghana; Margaret, linda or m; Danquah;; 2010-08-26 profile
Accra; Ghana; Veronica; Honest;; 2010-11-16 profile
Accra; Ghana; Cynthia; mensah;; 2010-03-05 profile
Accra; Ghana; Janet amoah; Janet Amoah;; 2011-04-01 profile
Accra; Ghana; Juliana; Boatemaa;; 2009-11-08 profile
Accra; Ghana; Vida; Agboada;; 2010-10-26 profile
Accra; Ghana; Tracy; Anderson; _lovelytracy32@yahoo.com_; 2009-09-03 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Judith; Kpogli;; 2011-11-06 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Sardatu; MOHAMMED;; 2011-11-21 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Monica; dabre;; 2011-12-21 profile
Accra; Ghana; Rashida; MUMUNI CHAMBAS;; 2011-11-28 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Mary okyere; ?;; 2012-03-11 profile
Accra; Ghana; Portia; Osei;; 2012-02-07 profile
Accra; Ghana; Sheddi dedzo; sheddi;; 2012-02-15 profile
Accra; Ghana; Agnes; Nkrumah;; 2012-02-27 profile
Accra; Ghana; Olivia; Asante;; 2012-02-25 profile
Accra; Ghana; Ayisha; Salifu;; 2012-02-23 profile
Accra; Ghana; Diana; Emuh Colven;; 2012-02-22 profile
Accra; Ghana; Vivian; AC;; 2012-02-21 profile
Accra; Ghana; Linda; ???;; 2012-07-02 profile
Accra; Ghana; Suzzy; Sowah;; 2012-06-28 profile
Accra; Ghana; Linda; will;; 2012-06-30 profile
Accra; Ghana; Jossy; Flex;; 2012-06-29 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Diane; Diane;; 2012-02-28 profile
Accra; Ghana; Linda; Nelson;; 2010-01-25 profile
Accra; Ghana; Rebecca; Asantewaa;; 2012-03-05 profile
Accra; Ghana; Cynthia; unknown;; 2012-02-28 profile
Accra; Ghana; Janette; Burnette;; 2012-03-11 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Esther nana ama; Boateng;; 2012-03-19 profile
Accra; Ghana; Jane; Ayo;; 2012-03-24 profile
Accra; Ghana; Angie/samira dabre a; samira dabre;; 2012-03-24 profile
Accra; Ghana; Linda; Asantewaa;; 2012-03-23 profile
Accra; Ghana; Rose; Jamil;; 2012-04-05 profile
Accra; Ghana; Linda; Mara;; 2012-03-26 profile
Accra; Ghana; Dewars; kwoa;; 2012-03-29 profile
Accra; Ghana; Rejoice; Parku;; 2012-04-08 profile
Accra; Ghana; Linda; Afrifa;; 2012-07-03 profile
Accra; Ghana; Kathie; Williams;; 2012-04-24 profile
Accra; Ghana; Janet; Teye;; 2012-04-29 profile
Accra; Ghana; Paulina lartey or sa; Lartey;; 2012-04-23 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Nadia; Antwi;; 2012-05-18 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Kira; Bandana;; 2012-06-15 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Jessica; Kamal;; 2012-05-14 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Jackson lily; Lily; ; 2012-07-31 profile
Accra; Ghana; Melody; Afenya;; 2012-08-14 profile
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Accra; Ghana; Linda; ____;; 2012-07-02 profile
Accra; Ghana; Jemimah?; somuah;; 2012-07-06 profile
Accra; Ghana; Emily; Emily;; 2012-06-29 profile
Accra; Ghana; Davilla ; Appiah; ; 2012-07-29 profile
Accra; Ghana; Agnes; Kom; ; 2012-07-08 profile
Accra; Ghana; Joyce; Davidson;; 2012-07-26 profile
Accra; Ghana; Melisa; Lawson; ; 2012-08-11 profile
Accra; Ghana; Rebecca; Ekwou Kwasi;; 2012-07-09 profile
Accra; Ghana; Larissa; Kpogli;; 2012-08-11 profile
Accra; Ghana; Innocentia; Satsyi; ; 2012-08-11 profile
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Ackworth, IA; United States of America; Anna; Jeff;; 2011-07-10 profile
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Addison, TX; United States of America; Monica; Lauer; ; 2012-05-05 profile
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Adygea; Russia; Sofiya; Панкрашова;; 2009-05-22 profile
Agawam, MA; United States of America; Precious; desmond;; 2010-03-05 profile
Agawam, MA; United States of America; Sandy; Leroy;; 2011-03-16 profile
Agawam, MA; United States of America; Betty; Edmond;; 2012-01-16 profile
Agen; France; Svetlana; a;; 2008-11-30 profile
Agen; Russia; Anna; Shatilovich;; 2011-06-29 profile
Aglona; Afghanistan; Antonetomee; antonetomee;; 2010-06-14 profile
Agrigento; Afghanistan; Glullyskesk; Glullyskesk;; 2011-01-27 profile
Agrigento; Italy; Pauline; Fami; ; 2012-03-16 profile
Ahoskie, NC; United States of America; Toya; Moore;; 2011-05-25 profile
Ahvenanmaa; Finland; Sharon miller and ot; MIller; and; 2012-03-22 profile
Ajax; Canada; Jennifer; Cole;; 2010-08-22 profile
Ajax; Canada; Esther; Koomson;; 2011-08-04 profile
Akershus; Norway; Grace; soulgrace;; 2009-01-28 profile
Akmenes; Lithuania; Rita; Vainoriene;; 2011-01-29 profile
al-Fulah; Sudan; Eden; asmira;; 2010-09-07 profile
al-Khartum; Sudan; Faith; wilton;; 2010-08-16 profile
Alabaster, AL; United States of America; Josephine; Nyarko;; 2011-07-24 profile
Alachua, FL; United States of America; Linda; Taylor;; 2011-11-19 profile
Alagoas; Brazil; Bernice; Amponsah; ; 2012-07-11 profile
Alamdanga; Bangladesh; Svetlana (sveta); belonosova;; 2008-08-20 profile
Alava; Spain; Fenita; mbaye;; 2008-05-11 profile
Alba; Afghanistan; Pelsspalp; Pelsspalp; >; 2011-11-04 profile
Albany, New York; United States of America; Dasha; Shulep;; 2008-01-15 profile
Albany, New York; United States of America; Rimma; Vilkova;; 2007-11-15 profile
Albany, NY; United States of America; Tracy; Morres;; 2009-02-24 profile
Albany, NY; United States of America; Hanna riikka; Coleman;; 2010-07-03 profile
Alberton; South Africa; Freda joyce; okai;; 2011-09-29 profile
Alberton; South Africa; Stella; Yeboah;; 2010-10-12 profile
Alberton; South Africa; Julie; cokea;; 2010-05-07 profile
Alesund; Norway; Dora; dpensah;; 2010-10-27 profile
Algonac, MI; United States of America; Jennever; Phillips;,; 2010-12-01 profile
Allen, TX; United States of America; Joan; James;; 2011-02-08 profile
Almati; Kazakhstan; Milana; Novikova;; 2011-12-11 profile
Almere; Netherlands; Katebaby; mylove;; 2010-05-17 profile
Almetjevsk; Russia; Gylnara; unknown; __gylnara_81@mail.ru__; 2007-05-16 profile
Almetjevsk; Russia; Diana; Osmanova;; 2006-09-25 profile
Almetjevsk; Russia; Setvina; elena;; 2009-03-08 profile
Almetjevsk; Russia; Olga/vera; Antonova/Zhuk; _olgaantonova1978@rambler.r…_; 2006-07-05 profile
Almetjevsk; Russia; Olga; Antonova;; 2006-07-05 profile
Almetjevsk; Russia; Nina; not say;; 2010-01-11 profile
Almetjevsk; Russia; Nina; scharkaewa;; 2010-02-16 profile
Almetjevsk; Russia; Svetlana; Svetlana;; 2005-05-07 profile
Alor Setar; Malaysia; Temilola; kellion;; 2009-12-19 profile
Alpine, AL; United States of America; Sandra; David;; 2011-05-24 profile
Altoona, IA; United States of America; Roseline; Jordan;; 2011-08-29 profile
Alvarado, TX; United States of America; Jennifer; Ryan;; 2011-08-31 profile
Alytaus; Lithuania; Jane; Johnson;; 2010-01-21 profile
Amersfoort; Netherlands; Ina; who knows;; 2009-08-23 profile
Ames, IA; United States of America; Lena; Sam;; 2011-08-10 profile
Amesbury, MA; United States of America; Michelle; Mixmech12;; 2011-04-23 profile
Amesbury, MA; United States of America; Melvin; Kelly;; 2011-06-29 profile
Amsterdam; Netherlands; Anne doldersum; Cornwell;; 2011-07-23 profile
Amsterdam; Netherlands; Natalya; none given;; 2008-07-21 profile
Amsterdam; Netherlands; Peter; reich;; 2008-03-31 profile
Amsterdam; Netherlands; Aunat; Magarita;; 2010-08-12 profile
Amsterdam; Netherlands; Cona; adoja;; 2009-10-20 profile
Amsterdam; Netherlands; Emerlie; lixxi;; 2010-09-29 profile
Amsterdam; Netherlands; Abigail; Neil;; 2011-08-12 profile
Amsterdam; Netherlands; Joana; William;; 2012-01-20 profile
Amur; Russia; Oga; ?;; 2008-08-06 profile
Amur; Russia; Olga; unknown;; 2008-07-21 profile
Amur; Russia; Indira; Navrotskaya; indira <>; 2011-10-11 profile
Anadyr; Russia; Anastasiya; unknown;; 2009-02-22 profile
Anchorage, AK; United States of America; Jessica; Steven;; 2010-02-13 profile
Andong; Afghanistan; Pletchersla; pletchersla;; 2011-07-08 profile
Aneho; Togo; 1.nana 2.patricia; 1. kundu 2. Asante;; 2009-11-11 profile
Aneho; Togo; Abigail; Neil;; 2011-07-21 profile
Aneho; Togo; Abigail; Neil;; 2011-09-11 profile
Angeles; Philippines; Sandy; Torres;; 2008-09-26 profile
Angeles; Philippines; Jenway; De Leon;; 2010-06-22 profile
Angeles; Philippines; Michelle anne; Crawford;; 2011-03-03 profile
Angeles; Philippines; Melissa; Monk;; 2011-05-22 profile
Angeles; Philippines; Catherine; Lorezo;; 2011-09-25 profile
Angeles; Philippines; Angelica; Calnan;; 2011-11-10 profile
Angeles; Philippines; Catherine (aka raine; Lorezo;; 2012-01-21 profile
Angeles; Philippines; Angelica; Calnan;; 2011-11-22 profile
Ankara; Turkey; Lillian; Morgan;; 2011-12-05 profile
Annapolis, MD; United States of America; Mary; ketola;; 2011-07-30 profile
Antioch, IL; United States of America; Anita; Smith;; 2012-01-12 profile
Antonito, CO; United States of America; Camilla; Hanssen;; 2011-04-10 profile
Antwerpen; Belgium; Anna; Piro;; 2009-03-06 profile
Antwerpen; Belgium; Brenda; Strybos;; 2011-08-20 profile
Apam; Ghana; Esi; mama;; 2008-11-06 profile
Apam; Ghana; Atsu; Selorm;; 2010-06-07 profile
Apam; Ghana; Anita; quainoo;; 2012-07-31 profile
Arcade, New York; United States of America; Elena; Medvedeva;; 2008-11-15 profile
Arhangelsk; Russia; Sharon; Moore;; 2008-03-24 profile
Arhangelsk; Russia; Tatyana; -;; 2008-10-27 profile
Ariege; France; Genevieve; DUCIER;; 2011-07-22 profile
Arkansas City, AR; United States of America; Swan; Robert;; 2010-11-29 profile
Arkhangelsk; Russia; Alla; Котеева; _alla-koteeva@yandex.ru_; 2009-03-06 profile
Arkhangelsk; Russia; Julia; unknown;; 2009-07-08 profile
Arkhangelsk; Russia; Alisa; Chernysheva;; 2010-05-05 profile
Arkhangelsk; Russia; Yuliya; Vasyukova;; 2011-12-25 profile
Arkhangelsk; Russia; Mariya; Mybarakshina;; 2012-02-15 profile
Arlington Heights, IL; United States of America; Sherita; Sosou;; 2011-11-08 profile
Arlington, TX; United States of America; Rita; adams;; 2010-04-04 profile
Arlington, VA; United States of America; Serena; smith;; 2010-05-23 profile
Arlington, VA; United States of America; Sandra; lampy;; 2010-11-06 profile
Arlington, VA; United States of America; Nora; Thomas;; 2011-09-22 profile
Arlon; Belgium; Dasha; Dasha;; 2008-07-09 profile
Armavir; Armenia; Lusik; Bagdasaryan;; 2010-01-18 profile
Artashat; Armenia; Arysjak; Arysjak;; 2008-06-03 profile
Artesia Wells, TX; United States of America; Fadilat; Morgan; ; 2012-07-10 profile
Artjom; Russia; Elena; unknown;; 2009-06-25 profile
Arvada, CO; United States of America; Christine; Reyes;; 2011-09-01 profile
Arvada, CO; United States of America; Mabel; Niasse;; 2010-12-23 profile
Arviat; Canada; Alisa4ka; Alisa4ka;; 2009-03-05 profile
Asadabad; Afghanistan; Dolocheerry; doloCheerry;; 2009-12-22 profile
Asadabad; Afghanistan; Stanozweb; stanozweb;; 2010-03-15 profile
Aschaffenburg; Afghanistan; Prawananiep; Prawananiep;; 2011-01-31 profile
Aschaffenburg; Afghanistan; Russellcreditsa; RussellCreditsa;; 2010-12-06 profile
Ashiaman; Ghana; Woman; love;; 2008-01-08 profile
Ashiaman; Ghana; Ellen; ADU AMANKWAH;; 2010-06-22 profile
Ashiaman; Ghana; Emma; banks;; 2010-06-27 profile
Ashley, OH; United States of America; Ann jean; santiago;; 2008-11-26 profile
Ashley, OH; United States of America; Collins; Matilda;; 2011-07-05 profile
Astana; Kazakhstan; Natalya; -;; 2009-08-03 profile
Astrakhan; Russia; Nadejda; kolesnikova;; 2008-04-25 profile
Astrakhan; Russia; Nadya; kolesnikova;; 2008-03-05 profile
Astrakhan; Russia; Anna; Госейнова;; 2011-09-17 profile
Athens, TX; United States of America; Sarah; cox;; 2010-09-17 profile
Atirau; Kazakhstan; Anna; Pisarenkova; _diamondanna2008@rambler.ru_; 2009-03-16 profile
Atlanta, GA; United States of America; Dana; Foxs;; 2010-12-22 profile
Atlanta, GA; United States of America; Sarah; smith;; 2009-08-27 profile
Atlanta, GA; United States of America; Christina; Kwofie;; 2011-08-14 profile
Atlanta, GA; United States of America; Matilda; Addo;; 2011-06-09 profile
Atlanta, GA; United States of America; Perpsena; Mofat; ; 2012-07-29 profile
Atlanta, GA; United States of America; Kitty; Rose; ; 2012-08-01 profile
Atlantic City, NJ; United States of America; Ashley; anderson;; 2009-08-09 profile
Auburn, MA; United States of America; Dupe; William; ; 2012-08-07 profile
Auburn, WA; United States of America; Angelina; Simpson;; 2010-12-06 profile
Auckland; New Zealand; Oksana; Lobanovskaya;; 2008-03-07 profile
Auckland; New Zealand; Elvira; *******;; 2009-03-20 profile
Aurora, CO; United States of America; Leslie; Sennet;; 2011-08-14 profile
Austin, TX; United States of America; Mary libby; Williams;; 2011-04-10 profile
Austin, TX; United States of America; Brenna; Marco;; 2010-02-17 profile
Austin, TX; United States of America; Tomah; Gaay;; 2011-03-31 profile
Austin, TX; United States of America; Sandra; Smith;; 2011-10-08 profile
Austin, TX; United States of America; Julie; Sharon;; 2012-01-17 profile
Austin, TX; United States of America; Kristine; Garcia;; 2011-06-18 profile
Avon; England; Olga; jonsan; _lovelyolga1981@aol.com_; 2009-11-26 profile
Avon; England; Melisa; Maxwel;; 2010-07-24 profile
Avon; England; Joy; Moore;; 2010-05-03 profile
Avon; United Kingdom; Vicky; Love; ; 2012-02-13 profile
Avon; United Kingdom; Helen white; Helwhite; ; 2012-07-04 profile
Avon, CT; United States of America; Erica; Haley;; 2011-04-20 profile
Avondale Estates, GA; United States of America; Bless; Morgan;; 2010-12-15 profile
Ayuthaya; Thailand; Anuradee; Buahirun;; 2010-10-19 profile
Babrujsk; Belarus; Girldream; girl;; 2007-11-18 profile
Bacau; Romania; Rozalia; Kardos;; 2007-11-30 profile
Bacolod; Philippines; Jocille; casinas;; 2012-03-30 profile
Badaojiang; China; Yuliya; Русинова;; 2010-04-02 profile
Baden; Austria; Olga; Olga;; 2010-04-08 profile
Baden-Wurttemberg; Germany; Abiba; Abiba1234;; 2011-04-06 profile
Baga; Nigeria; Dorcas; Slonaker;; 2009-11-08 profile
Bagdad, KY; United States of America; Edith; Leroy; ; 2012-07-15 profile
Baia Mare; Russia; Anyta; sdf;; 2008-03-04 profile
Bais; Philippines; Marietta; Galera;; 2011-08-27 profile
Baku; Azerbaijan; Yelena; Deyneka;; 2009-04-22 profile
Baku; Azerbaijan; Aleksandra; A; _aleksandra397@yahoo.com_; 2009-04-27 profile
Baku; Azerbaijan; Janet; Mamedova; janet janet <>; 2011-01-10 profile
Baku; Azerbaijan; Polina; Polina;; 2010-09-18 profile
Balakovo; Russia; Katya; Shusha;; 2008-04-05 profile
Balakovo; Russia; Darya; Darya;; 2011-03-22 profile
Baltimore, Maryland; United States of America; Mable; fynn;; 2008-05-10 profile
Baltimore, MD; United States of America; Brianna; Hanshaw;; 2010-09-26 profile
Baltimore, MD; United States of America; Anne; Daniels;; 2011-11-23 profile
Baltimore, MD; United States of America; Grace; Fishery; ; 2012-06-29 profile
Bam; Iran; Delbar; Aziz;; 2011-09-25 profile
Bamako; Mali; Loreta; Williams;; 2012-01-20 profile
Bambey; Senegal; Victoria; 044;; 2012-04-30 profile
Bangkok; Thailand; Wipada; Panyakrong;; 2006-02-13 profile
Bangkok; Thailand; Vun; ketruengrong;; 2007-12-05 profile
Bangkok; Thailand; Janice; mendoza;; 2009-09-22 profile
Bangkok; Thailand; Matthana; Khongprayoon; <>;; 2012-04-16 profile
Bangkok; Thailand; Matthana; Khongprayoon;; 2012-04-18 profile
Barcelona; Spain; Angellina maxwell; Vivian;; 2011-06-01 profile
Bari; Italy; Olga; Vereschagina;; 2010-04-12 profile
Barisaw; Belarus; Tanya; Salauyeva; ; 2012-06-02 profile
Barlad; Romania; Elena; Timofti;; 2009-02-01 profile
Barlad; Romania; Mihaela bianca; popa;; 2011-10-02 profile
Barnaul; Russia; Larisa; Belyavskaya;; 2006-01-17 profile
Barnaul; Russia; Natasa; Yacavlawa;; 2006-01-21 profile
Barnaul; Russia; Elena; Tokareva;; 2007-11-02 profile
Barnaul; Russia; Dariya; Tryhjna;; 2008-11-12 profile
Barnaul; Russia; Masha; poltava;; 2008-12-01 profile
Barnaul; Russia; Natasha; kashestakova;; 2008-12-01 profile
Barnaul; Russia; Olga; Borodkina;; 2009-04-30 profile
Barnaul; Russia; Nataliya; Ponomarenko;; 2012-03-06 profile
Barranquilla; Colombia; Adriana; Garcia;; 2011-07-05 profile
Bashkortostan; Russia; Ekaterina; lkjaljljf;lj;; 2010-12-07 profile
Bashkortostan; Russia; Alla; -;; 2009-02-18 profile
Bashkortostan; Russia; Anastasya; MEDVEDEVA;; 2006-11-19 profile
Bashkortostan; Russia; Anastasya; MEDVEDEVA;; 2006-11-20 profile
Baskett, Kentucky; United States of America; Olga; ELKINA;; 2007-09-21 profile
Baton Rouge, Louisiana; United States of America; Belle; morgan;; 2008-01-02 profile
Bayern; Germany; Shirley; Hamperson;; 2010-12-03 profile
Bayern; Germany; Galina \; Семенова;; 2009-06-05 profile
Bayern; Germany; Jean; carlos;; 2010-02-18 profile
Beatrice, NE; United States of America; Loveth; Brown;; 2011-07-21 profile
Beaumont, TX; United States of America; J brandy; Anderson;; 2010-05-22 profile
Beaver, PA; United States of America; Dorcas; Love;; 2011-08-01 profile
Beijing; China; Xu li / inna / young fi /inna/xu/ young fi loboda; LI;; 2008-10-19 profile
Beijing; China; Llsa; Llsa123;; 2011-03-11 profile
Bel Air, Maryland; United States of America; Vika; Babby;; 2008-01-08 profile
Belgorod; Russia; Vika; Nadeina;; 2007-03-23 profile
Belgorod; Russia; Alina; Tumanova;; 2007-01-26 profile
Belgorod; Russia; Alina; Tumanova;; 2006-09-13 profile
Belgorod; Russia; Uliya; Poselyanina;; 2007-04-27 profile
Belgorod; Russia; Zabava; Moranova;; 2011-06-10 profile
Belgorod; Russia; Oly (olga); Kleshch;; 2009-05-04 profile
Belgorod; Russia; Natalie; Zarubinan ?;; 2007-04-05 profile
Belgorod; Russia; Anna; Ivanitskaya; _annakayha@yahoo.com_; 2010-04-27 profile
Belgorod; Russia; Tatiana vladimirovna; Scherbakova;; 2010-06-12 profile
Belle Haven, VA; United States of America; Sekina; Sekina; ; 2012-02-23 profile
Bellevue, WA; United States of America; Katebaby; Williams;; 2011-07-28 profile
Bellingham, WA; United States of America; Vida; Vida Owusa *** Many;; 2012-07-27 profile
Beltsville, MD; United States of America; Leslie; Sea;; 2011-08-02 profile
Bend, OR; United States of America; Irina; Plat;; 2009-04-13 profile
Bendery; Moldova; Daria; Belyaeva;; 2007-07-21 profile
Bendery; Moldova; Lilia _ margraetta; Pervanciuc; lindycrane8@gmail – joannagood6@gmail; 2009-11-02 profile
Benin; Nigeria; Eliot; fechy; __; 2006-03-23 profile
Benin; Nigeria; Bukky; Johnson; ; 2012-06-13 profile
Benin; Nigeria; Tazzia; Crosby;; 2011-04-25 profile
Benin; Nigeria; Tracy; osas;; 2010-05-22 profile
Benin; Nigeria; Sandra; martin;; 2010-08-02 profile
Benin; Nigeria; Vera; Godfrey;; 2010-02-18 profile
Benin; Nigeria; Cathrine; aremu;; 2010-05-19 profile
Benin; Nigeria; Sexy; sandra;; 2010-05-19 profile
Benin; Nigeria; Tina; ohenhen;; 2010-05-24 profile
Benin; Nigeria; Christbel; walls;; 2010-05-20 profile
Benin; Nigeria; Tina; ohenhen;; 2010-06-13 profile
Benin; Nigeria; Princess; ogizeh;; 2010-06-20 profile
Bensonville; Liberia; Johnson; Lilian;; 2011-12-20 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Kritsun; Vika21, Viktoria, Victoria;; 2008-02-28 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Rada/lilia; Rada/Lilia;; 2011-01-28 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Krivtsun; vika21, viktoria, victoria;; 2008-03-20 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Victoria; romanova;; 2011-11-29 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Olya (olga); Unknow;; 2008-10-14 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Natalya; Strogaya;>; 2008-11-06 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Lilia; Alferova;; 2010-12-03 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Olga; Archvadze;; 2012-02-15 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Elena; snegnova;; 2009-05-15 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Elena; Snegova;; 2009-04-13 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Muha svetlana; Viktorovna;; 2010-11-15 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Elena; snegnova;; 2009-05-24 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Svetlana; sorokina;; 2009-05-20 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Anastasiya; KYCEVOL;; 2009-05-28 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Juliya; bigmybox;; 2010-01-14 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Lena; Lena;; 2010-07-29 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Oksana; Jens;; 2011-05-30 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Victoria; girasemenko;; 2011-02-17 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Tatyana; Blondinka; blondinka []; 2012-03-12 profile
Berdyans’k; Ukraine; Nina; mahmudova;; 2012-04-28 profile
Berens River; Canada; Lilly; Brown;; 2011-08-12 profile
Berlin; Germany; Juanit; doton;; 2008-04-17 profile
Berlin; Germany; Salina; Brues;; 2011-02-12 profile
Berlin; Germany; Ekaterina; иванова;; 2009-06-26 profile
Berlin; Germany; Alisa; алиса;; 2009-06-12 profile
Berlin; Germany; Anna; Volkova;; 2009-05-09 profile
Berlin; Germany; Ezzyandezzlyn; owusua;; 2009-02-07 profile
Berlin; Germany; Lydia; nash;; 2010-10-20 profile
Berlin; Germany; Tosa; Tkashaeva;; 2009-10-12 profile
Berlin; Germany; Juliet; Cowell;; 2011-05-15 profile
Berlin; Germany; Karen; Tyler;; 2011-07-09 profile
Berlin, NJ; United States of America; Tracy; Adam;; 2011-02-20 profile
Bern; Switzerland; Anita; entsiey;; 2008-04-17 profile
Beverly Hills, CA; United States of America; Ica; Mamoko;; 2009-04-08 profile
Beverly Hills, CA; United States of America; Kristy; fox;; 2009-01-30 profile
Beverly Hills, CA; United States of America; Klaire; Fernandez;; 2008-12-02 profile
Beverly Hills, CA; United States of America; Pure; Love;; 2009-06-06 profile
Beverly Hills, CA; United States of America; Leticia; Leticiadevosora;; 2011-06-21 profile
Beverly Hills, California; United States of America; Devon; Krause;; 2008-06-22 profile
Beverly Hills, California; United States of America; Sandy1; Torres;; 2008-06-30 profile
Beyla; Guinea; Mary; mary smith;; 2012-01-10 profile
Bida; Nigeria; Janet; anderson;; 2010-06-26 profile
Bila Tserkva; Ukraine; Katya; Kat;; 2006-05-31 profile
Bila Tserkva; Ukraine; Kseniya; Артюшенко;; 2009-03-02 profile
Bila Tserkva; Ukraine; Sveta; dikovaia;; 2009-04-05 profile
Bila Tserkva; Ukraine; Simona; Rozova;; 2009-01-14 profile
Bila Tserkva; Ukraine; Yuliya; Averbyh;; 2012-02-27 profile
Bila Tserkva; Ukraine; Alesya; Glyakova;; 2012-02-27 profile
Binkolo; Sierra Leone; Rebecca; jonathan;; 2009-03-13 profile
Birmingham; United Kingdom; Agatha; evans;; 2008-11-21 profile
Birmingham; United Kingdom; Kathy; Moore;; 2010-10-08 profile
Birmingham; United Kingdom; Tina syleena; Syleenat;; 2011-12-13 profile
Birmingham, AL; United States of America; Jennifer; Cole;; 2010-12-02 profile
Bishkek; Kyrgyzstan; Lady dream; Sultan;; 2005-06-28 profile
Bishkek; Kyrgyzstan; Nadia; Krekova;; 2007-06-21 profile
Bishkek; Kyrgyzstan; Zarina; :::)))));; 2009-03-27 profile
Bishkek; Kyrgyzstan; Gulnura; жаналиева; ; 2012-07-20 profile
Bislig; Philippines; Chona; chona d. uriarte;; 2009-10-10 profile
Blagoveshchensk; Russia; Yuliya; Бельченкова;; 2009-02-17 profile
Blagoveshchensk; Russia; Alena; POLKOVNIKOVA;; 2009-04-01 profile
Bogota; Colombia; Dianna; Fajardo;,; 2009-06-13 profile
Boise, ID; United States of America; Theresa; Gremmel;; 2011-01-12 profile
Bolgatanga; Ghana; Sister moda; mama;; 2010-05-22 profile
Bolingbrook, IL; United States of America; Comfort; Owusu;; 2011-10-01 profile
Bonn; Germany; Anna; Fokina;; 2007-11-13 profile
Bootle; United Kingdom; Jade; Aaron; ; 2012-03-20 profile
Boras; Sweden; Lizzy; Bryan;; 2011-08-13 profile
Botwood; Canada; Susy; treviño;; 2008-09-17 profile
Bouches-du-Rhone; France; Salieh; Rosalie;; 2011-02-25 profile
Boulder, CO; United States of America; Meri; Meri;; 2009-01-11 profile
Brandon; Canada; Guillermo; Alvarez; _memotronic16@hotmail.com_; 2008-10-26 profile
Branford, FL; United States of America; Olga; Bukina;; 2009-05-05 profile
Bratsk; Russia; Elena/ ljubov; Shvaleva;; 2007-04-17 profile
Bratsk; Russia; Nina; Chernenko; _kalininna@yahoo.com_; 2008-07-11 profile
Bratsk; Russia; Nataliya; Prikhodko;; 2012-03-30 profile
Bratsk; Russia; Guzelja; No Name;; 2010-01-11 profile
Bremen; Germany; Nadegda; Nadegda;; 2006-07-06 profile
Bremen; Germany; Anna; russia;; 2009-11-13 profile
Brescia; Italy; Franchesca; riennie;; 2010-11-20 profile
Brest; Belarus; Svetlana; Burak;; 2005-08-16 profile
Brest; Belarus; Tatsiana; Krylova;; 2005-06-14 profile
Brest; Belarus; Ashley; conrad;; 2010-11-11 profile
Brest; Belarus; Svetlana; Burak;; 2006-01-09 profile
Brest; Belarus; Sveta; Burak;,; 2007-03-28 profile
Brisbane; Australia; Cassey; Williams;; 2011-12-09 profile
Brisbane; Australia; Shella; Sanchez;; 2010-12-08 profile
Brisbane; Australia; Esther; Ayuba;; 2010-11-29 profile
Brisbane; Australia; Namita; Leonard;; 2011-01-06 profile
Brisbane; Australia; Hellen; Giggs;; 2011-11-28 profile
Brisbane; Australia; Brown; Mil;; 2011-10-08 profile
Brisbane; Australia; Debbie; Kunneh;; 2011-06-09 profile
Bristol; United Kingdom; Dessy; Dessy12;; 2011-11-03 profile
Bristol; United Kingdom; Renee; Winters;; 2012-01-14 profile
Bristol; United Kingdom; Hammd; Jessica; ; 2012-01-29 profile
Brno; Czech Republic; Darina; Martinek;; 2011-01-24 profile
Brno; Czech Republic; Mili; Santiago;; 2008-10-28 profile
Brno; Czech Republic; Felicia; justin;; 2009-03-12 profile
Brno; Czech Republic; Ekaterina; Antonova;; 2010-04-10 profile
Brockway, PA; United States of America; Rachel; Terreri;; 2011-05-13 profile
Bronx, New York; United States of America; Yulia; Maksimova;; 2006-04-21 profile
Bronx, NY; United States of America; Hamida; Ibrahim Larry;; 2012-01-09 profile
Brook Park, OH; United States of America; Tina; Cleary;; 2011-11-09 profile
Brooklyn, New York; United States of America; My collins;;; 2007-11-26 profile
Brooklyn, New York; United States of America; Susan; Smith;; 2008-03-16 profile
Brooklyn, New York; United States of America; Lisa johnson, tosin martinsingle; -;; 2008-05-09 profile
Brooklyn, NY; United States of America; Irinalexa; irinalexa;; 2008-12-25 profile
Brooklyn, NY; United States of America; Lizzy; Bobby;; 2010-12-10 profile
Brooklyn, NY; United States of America; Benizer; Andrea;; 2010-11-07 profile
Brooklyn, NY; United States of America; Felicia; williams;; 2010-05-06 profile
Brooklyn, NY; United States of America; Mitch; Smith;; 2012-01-05 profile
Brooklyn, NY; United States of America; Kate; Roseline;; 2011-12-10 profile
Broomfield, CO; United States of America; Laura; Derrick;; 2010-05-24 profile
Bryanka; Ukraine; Vika; refused to give it;; 2007-11-10 profile
Bryanka; Ukraine; Yulia; dont say to me;; 2007-04-12 profile
Bryanka; Ukraine; Jana; Konfetka;; 2008-06-25 profile
Bryanka; Ukraine; Tanya; Tanya;; 2008-05-16 profile
Bryanka; Ukraine; Tina; Vishnevskaya;; 2008-11-28 profile
Bryanka; Ukraine; Karina; Zemina;; 2008-12-12 profile
Bryanka; Ukraine; Swetlana / lana; KOTOWA;; 2011-10-16 profile
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Bryansk; Russia; Anna; Alexandrovna;; 2011-09-16 profile
Bucuresti; Romania; Sava ionela; Luminita;; 2008-07-29 profile
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Bugulma; Russia; Venera; None;; 2007-03-14 profile
Bur Sudan; Sudan; Stella; kassala;; 2010-08-19 profile
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Burlington, NJ; United States of America; Stephanie; Armstrong; ; 2012-07-14 profile
Butuan; Philippines; Juliet judith; Concon;; 2011-11-10 profile
Byumba; Rwanda; Love; any;; 2010-05-15 profile
Cabanatuan; Philippines; Karla; De Rossi;; 2009-05-10 profile
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Cadiz; Spain; Alejandra; samudio;; 2008-09-17 profile
Cagayan; Philippines; Nielle; velez;; 2006-01-09 profile
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Calabar; Nigeria; Jerrysuzzan; suzzan;; 2010-06-22 profile
Calamba; Philippines; Pamela or her friend victoria(? last name); Macalisang;; 2008-11-01 profile
Calamus, Iowa; United States of America; Kimberly; williams;; 2006-10-11 profile
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California City, CA; United States of America; Trisha; spice;; 2010-08-18 profile
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Capri; Italy; Soraya; perdomo;; 2008-09-17 profile
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Centerport, New York; United States of America; Mira; Gromova;; 2007-11-04 profile
Central; United Kingdom; Sexy; Botchway;; 2011-09-20 profile
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Cheboksary; Russia; No; Nastya;; 2010-01-28 profile
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Cheboksary; Russia; Yulya; русинова;; 2010-04-12 profile
Cheboksary; Russia; Natalya;;; 2011-01-16 profile
Cheboksary; Russia; Yulia; Rogozhnikova;; 2010-04-06 profile
Cheboksary; Russia; Irina; LASTOCHKINA;; 2011-06-15 profile
Cheboksary; Russia; Ekaterina; Golubinskaya;; 2010-11-24 profile
Cheboksary; Russia; Vera; Zagainova;; 2010-07-21 profile
Cheboksary; Russia; Nataliya; GLAZYRINA;; 2010-05-22 profile
Cheboksary; Russia; Maya; Vasilyeva; vasil mayya <>; 2010-06-22 profile
Cheboksary; Russia; Natalya; KONANUHINA;; 2010-07-06 profile
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Cheboksary; Russia; Kseniya; Cwetikova, Ekaterina Bastrakova, Albina Pushkareva, Elena Maksimova;,,,; 2005-06-03 profile
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Cherkasy; Ukraine; Nadezhda; don’t ask her;; 2011-05-30 profile
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Chernivtsi; Ukraine; Marina; Bobovskaya;; 2008-07-05 profile
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Chernivtsi; Ukraine; Lyubov; Chernik;; 2009-12-29 profile
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Chernovtsy; Russia; Elena; R?????;; 2010-11-08 profile
Cherry Plain, NY; United States of America; Susan; Scott;; 2010-07-30 profile
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Chisinau; Moldova; Dumitra; Furtuna; _furtuna.dumitra@mail.ru_; 2007-12-15 profile
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Chisinau; Moldova; Poloboc; Diana;; 2008-10-15 profile
Chisinau; Moldova; Ariadna; Sarmaniuc; _ary1234@rambler.ru_; 2009-03-30 profile
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Chisinau; Moldova; Margarita; Ivanova;; 2009-11-14 profile
Chisinau; Moldova; Natasha; petrova;,; 2008-03-17 profile
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Chita; Russia; Olga; dont know;; 2010-01-22 profile
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Chop; Ukraine; Dasha; Dasha;; 2006-05-15 profile
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Chuvashia; Russia; Tanya; Tanya;; 2008-04-04 profile
Chuvashia; Russia; Oleysa; Zetlaeva;,; 2008-04-07 profile
Chuvashia; Russia; Olga; Olga;; 2008-04-24 profile
Chuvashia; Russia; Tatyana; Efremova;; 2008-05-08 profile
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Chuvashia; Russia; Anastasiya; Lady;; 2010-05-30 profile
Chuvashia; Russia; Yulia ( fake igor );;; 2011-03-04 profile
Chuvashia; Russia; Katya; klimova;; 2008-03-11 profile
Cincinnati, OH; United States of America; Mercy; Cook; ; 2012-04-28 profile
Clarksville, TX; United States of America; Sherri; Miller;; 2010-02-22 profile
Claymont, DE; United States of America; Chloe; Martins; ; 2012-08-11 profile
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Crescent City, FL; United States of America; Diana; dawson;; 2010-07-30 profile
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Cusco; Peru; Estela; Vega Fernandez;; 2009-01-03 profile
Cylinder, IA; United States of America; Folu; babe;; 2009-12-08 profile
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Dakar; Senegal; Rose; william;; 2005-06-05 profile
Dakar; Senegal; Kate; Samuel Doe;; 2011-01-28 profile
Dakar; Senegal; Morine; morine;; 2008-04-04 profile
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Dakar; Senegal;;;; 2008-03-18 profile
Dakar; Senegal; Vera; -;; 2009-08-27 profile
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Dakar; Senegal; Felicia; Josef;; 2009-06-10 profile
Dakar; Senegal; Sabina; Dabah;;; 2009-07-16 profile
Dakar; Senegal; Julliet; Hinga;; 2009-06-10 profile
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Dakar; Senegal; Joy; Ugwu;; 2009-05-20 profile
Dakar; Senegal; Franck; FAVOUR;; 2009-11-27 profile
Dakar; Senegal; Favour; Utazi;; 2009-06-02 profile
Dakar; Senegal; Tina; Baby;; 2009-05-09 profile
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Dakar; Senegal; Stella; andrew; stella andrew (; 2009-04-29 profile
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Dakar; Senegal; Christana; bahi;; 2010-06-14 profile
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Dakar; Senegal; Katrine; Saabira; ; 2012-04-22 profile
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Dallas, TX; United States of America; Helen; Rich;; 2011-11-12 profile
Dallas, TX; United States of America; Marry; Nelson;,,,; 2012-03-18 profile
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Danville, CA; United States of America; Izzy margaret; Thompson;; 2009-07-30 profile
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Davao; Philippines; Lucila; teodoro;; 2008-05-06 profile
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Davao; Philippines; Jiane; flores;; 2011-02-03 profile
Davao; Philippines; Jiane; flores;; 2011-01-16 profile
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Davao; Philippines; Shem; Castillo;; 2012-04-22 profile
Davison, MI; United States of America; Sandra; Cutesandy01;; 2012-01-20 profile
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Delhi; India; Salil; Mustafa; ; 2012-02-11 profile
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Dnipropetrovsk; Ukraine; Irina; ——;; 2009-06-10 profile
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Dnipropetrovsk; Ukraine; Marina or; Masha;; 2007-08-01 profile
Dnipropetrovsk; Ukraine; Anna; Pushkina;; 2009-06-15 profile
Dnipropetrovsk; Ukraine; Olga; antonova;; 2009-05-12 profile
Dnipropetrovsk; Ukraine; Kira; Pribulova;; 2009-01-05 profile
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Dnipropetrovsk; Ukraine; Yulia; -;; 2009-06-23 profile
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Dnipropetrovsk; Ukraine; Marina; unknown;; 2006-12-29 profile
Dnipropetrovsk; Ukraine; Yuliya; not given;; 2007-01-03 profile
Dnipropetrovsk; Ukraine; Natasha; Krasnova;; 2008-05-13 profile
Dnipropetrovsk; Ukraine; Maya; Kovalenko;; 2011-12-20 profile
Dnipropetrovsk; Ukraine; Svetlana; LEONAVA;; 2012-03-18 profile
Dnipropetrovsk; Ukraine; Svetlana; HORNY PUSSY;; 2012-03-21 profile
Dnipropetrovsk; Ukraine; Iuliia; Shevchuk; ; 2012-07-14 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Yuliya; -;; 2009-09-04 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Natalia; Kabar;; 2011-12-04 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Lena; refused to give it;; 2007-07-26 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Anastacia(nastya); Zarybina;; 2007-11-10 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Liliya; Sinyaeva;; 2006-02-12 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Ann (aka victoria); Lozytska (aka Trubnaya);; 2005-08-17 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Zarybina irina; Nikolaevna;; 2007-08-24 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Nataliya; ?;; 2007-08-25 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Valya; Vetrbo;; 2007-12-08 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Tanya; Tanya; _tanyshka822@yahoo.com_; 2008-02-25 profile
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Donetsk; Ukraine; Oxana; zharina;; 2008-02-22 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Valeria; Grishina;;; 2008-02-05 profile
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Donetsk; Ukraine; Svetlana; Tokareva;; 2008-07-17 profile
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Donetsk; Ukraine; Oksana; Terekhova (or Terehova);; 2008-06-07 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Viktoria; Artamonova;; 2007-07-20 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Olga; -;; 2008-04-07 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Ekaterina; Novikova;,; 2008-06-21 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Dasha; Pogostyuk; <>; 2008-07-16 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Elena; Kolyakina; or; 2008-09-04 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Oksana; Trygubchak;; 2010-12-12 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Anna; Tetereva;; 2008-10-12 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Michalina; baczyk;; 2008-09-19 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Elena; Strelkova;; 2008-10-03 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Tanya; Tanya;; 2008-10-21 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Anna; Tetereva; > i deleted her address; 2008-10-11 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Olena; SLAVYANSK;; 2008-10-14 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Irina; Kalinina;; 2009-08-27 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Dasha ( dashenka); Pogostyuk;;; 2008-10-14 profile
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Donetsk; Ukraine; Ksenia; Romanova;; 2008-11-17 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Lidia; not given;; 2009-03-08 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Elena; Krug;; 2009-05-17 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Svetlana; not said;; 2009-06-16 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Viktoria; Ryabceva;; 2008-07-24 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Larisa; Tarasova;; 2009-01-09 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Valentina; ?;; 2009-07-16 profile
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Donetsk; Ukraine; Olesya; kl;; 2007-01-09 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Ekatherina; Not provided;; 2007-05-03 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Lucya; ferlikova;; 2008-02-14 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Olesya; Lavrusenko;; 2006-09-12 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Yana; Рыбина;; 2006-03-29 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Aleksandra; Sergeeva;; 2007-01-16 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Irina / ira; CHEPKOVA;; 2010-03-30 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Lilya or lily; don’t know;; 2010-07-04 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Julia; KIYASHKO;; 2010-08-10 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Anna; volfovich;; 2010-07-04 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Tanechka; ????;; 2010-05-16 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Zoya; kakrasivaya;; 2011-09-16 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Anna; Popova;; 2012-02-11 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Elena (lena); ????;; 2011-08-04 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Lena; Oprienko;; 2008-05-13 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Elena; Penina;; 2008-05-14 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Marian; Kulikova;; 2012-03-02 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Katya; Kate;; 2012-04-09 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Viktoriya; Kravchenko; ; 2012-03-15 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Nelya oleksandrivna; Shelyakina; _not.another.blondie@gmail.com_; 2010-05-13 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Kristina; lazareva;; 2012-01-04 profile
Donetsk; Ukraine; Viktoriya; Star; ; 2012-07-02 profile
Dover, PA; United States of America; Milla; dark;; 2009-08-16 profile
Dresden; Germany; Anna; Karnauhova;; 2010-10-10 profile
Dresden; Germany; Veronika; Medvedeva;; 2009-11-11 profile
Dublin; Ireland; Amina; Sary;; 2011-01-10 profile
Dublin; Ireland; Vandana; Love;; 2012-05-22 profile
Dubna; Russia; Elena; Trofimova;; 2008-04-08 profile
Dubna; Russia; Karina; Kisa;; 2008-07-08 profile
Duluth, GA; United States of America; Susan; Mendies;; 2011-06-14 profile
Dundee; United Kingdom; Alice; Morgan;; 2011-02-01 profile
Durango; Mexico; Lorena; Gutierez;; 2011-07-09 profile
Durham, North Carolina; United States of America; Jessica; amanda;; 2007-05-01 profile
Dyer, NV; United States of America; Jannet; Standal;; 2011-07-14 profile
East Anglia; England; Sandra; Sandra;; 2009-12-26 profile
East Marion, NY; United States of America; Nadia; Stones;; 2010-12-13 profile
East Moriches, NY; United States of America; Vivain; Vivain; ; 2012-07-19 profile
East Sussex; United Kingdom; Marina; Konysheva;; 2011-02-28 profile
Eastern Cape; South Africa; Nandi; Matshobeni;; 2011-03-31 profile
Eau Claire, WI; United States of America; Kerryn; Mccraion;; 2011-08-28 profile
Edinburgh; United Kingdom; Victoria; williams;; 2010-05-05 profile
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Edmonton; Canada; Demii; Taylor;; 2010-12-16 profile
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Ekaterinburg; Russia; Valeriya tcherepanow; Lera;; 2009-12-08 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Vasilina; Shmeleva;; 2007-05-07 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Tatyana; Semochkina;; 2008-03-16 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Svetlana; Antonova;; 2005-04-22 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Irina; Oumolinova;; 2009-05-03 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Aleksandra; Zimina;; 2010-01-06 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Svetlana; smirnova;; 2008-07-17 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Mariya; Soboleva;; 2009-11-16 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Mara; unknown;; 2009-03-22 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Natalya; Davidenko;; 2009-02-17 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Poluektova; Galina;; 2009-06-17 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Anna; Malceeva;; 2011-04-22 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Anastasiya; Tsepeleva;; 2011-01-16 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Anastasiya; Klutchenko;; 2009-01-17 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Alexandra vadimovna; Vatolina;; 2009-12-08 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Ekaterina; Galinaites;; 2010-08-29 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Katerina; beloyusowa;; 2010-01-23 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Svetlana; Sedelkina; lily <>; 2010-10-08 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Natalya; Natalya;; 2011-01-26 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Marija; Phorkhulina;; 2011-04-08 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Natalya; Novokreschenniyh;; 2011-08-26 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Svetlana; Chernykh;; 2012-01-19 profile
Ekaterinburg; Russia; Julia; pigalowa;; 2012-02-20 profile
El Paso, TX; United States of America; Sara; Jones;; 2011-09-21 profile
El Paso, TX; United States of America; Irene; Mccoy;; 2011-09-21 profile
Elgin, IL; United States of America; Megan; Militello;; 2011-08-24 profile
Ellet, Ohio; United States of America; Ola; Bolabas;; 2008-07-03 profile
Englewood, CO; United States of America; Malia; Powell;; 2011-09-14 profile
Esbjerg; Denmark; Crystal; koltin; _mercy3south@yahoo.com_; 2007-12-21 profile
Essex, MD; United States of America; Angela; WILLAMS;; 2010-10-15 profile
Estill Springs, TN; United States of America; Priscilla o. buabeng; Martina Sarfo; martina sarfo(; 2012-05-15 profile
Exeter; United Kingdom; Victoria; williams;; 2010-04-19 profile
Fairfield, CA; United States of America; Kim; Abdul;; 2011-10-02 profile
Fargo, ND; United States of America; Jenny; Matthew;; 2010-08-29 profile
Farmington, MO; United States of America; Peniel; Jones; ; 2012-08-12 profile
Findley Lake, NY; United States of America; Mary; Brown;; 2011-02-23 profile
Fleming Island, FL; United States of America; Rose; Jason;; 2011-05-20 profile
Fleming Island, FL; United States of America; Jessica; Thorpe; ; 2012-05-31 profile
Floral Park, NY; United States of America; Ralli; akidy;; 2010-09-18 profile
Floral Park, NY; United States of America; Esther; doodo;; 2010-11-25 profile
Floral Park, NY; United States of America; Maryforlester; Williams;; 2011-10-09 profile
Forest Grove, OR; United States of America; Myles; campbell;; 2010-08-31 profile
Fort Lauderdale, FL; United States of America; Rita; Diaby;; 2011-06-14 profile
Fort Lauderdale, FL; United States of America; Linda; smith;; 2010-10-16 profile
Fort Lauderdale, FL; United States of America; Rose cole; Rose;; 2011-09-03 profile
Fort Myers, FL; United States of America; Percy; Newton;; 2010-08-19 profile
Fort Payne, AL; United States of America; Kate; Whesu;; 2010-10-10 profile
Fort Worth, Texas; United States of America; Chantel; Terry;; 2006-01-09 profile
Fort Worth, TX; United States of America; Jess; hoult;; 2009-01-06 profile
Fort Worth, TX; United States of America; Emily; Hatcher;; 2011-07-21 profile
Frankfort, KY; United States of America; Mhershandle; Parks;; 2011-09-06 profile
Frankfurt; Germany; Katrina; Newton;; 2011-06-18 profile
Freetown; Sierra Leone; Joy; ese;; 2009-03-22 profile
Fremont, MI; United States of America; Lia; Johnson;; 2010-06-12 profile
Fremont, OH; United States of America; Sharon; Knott; ; 2012-08-07 profile
Fresno, CA; United States of America; Lisa; Feliciano;; 2010-12-24 profile
Funchal; Portugal; Susana; perez;; 2008-09-17 profile
Gadsden, AL; United States of America; Alisa; Campbell;; 2010-05-12 profile
Gagarin; Russia; Ekaterina; khristolyubova;; 2009-04-02 profile
Gagarin; Russia; Svetlanadmitry@ymail; dmitry;; 2012-04-24 profile
Galati; Romania; Cristina; Tanase;; 2008-08-08 profile
Galati; Romania; Gbariel; Capatina;; 2010-11-01 profile
Galati; Romania; Carmen; popa;; 2011-10-02 profile
Galati; Romania; Andreea; Balauta;; 2012-03-07 profile
Gap, PA; United States of America; Abigael; Abi;; 2011-03-08 profile
Garland, TX; United States of America; Jane; Walter;; 2011-07-30 profile
Gatchina; Russia; Olga; BITSNOVA;; 2007-10-22 profile
Gatchina; Russia; Olga; Pavlova;; 2009-07-27 profile
Gavar; Armenia; Arevik; -;; 2008-12-21 profile
Gavar; Armenia; Gohara; -;; 2009-05-13 profile
Gavar; Armenia; Marieta; marieta;; 2010-03-01 profile
Gavar; Armenia; Arevik; Kirkland;,; 2010-03-21 profile
Gavar; Armenia; Rima; Danielyan;; 2010-07-05 profile
Geelong; Australia; Jessica; Lormax;; 2007-12-12 profile
Geneva; Switzerland; Elena; toghni;; 2008-10-03 profile
Geneve; Switzerland; Emily; Lucas;; 2009-11-13 profile
Georgievsk; Russia; Olga; Kazakova;; 2008-10-29 profile
Glasgow; United Kingdom; Hannah; Hannah;; 2011-09-01 profile
Glen Burnie, MD; United States of America; Esther; John;; 2010-11-27 profile
Glendale, AZ; United States of America; Kylie; flores;; 2012-02-04 profile
Glendora, CA; United States of America; Jane; smith;; 2009-09-05 profile
Glenn Dale, Maryland; United States of America; Marie; Williams;; 2008-01-13 profile
Glenwood, IN; United States of America; Cynthia; Jonhson;; 2011-09-21 profile
Gloucestershire; United Kingdom; Suzzian; Willamson;; 2011-04-02 profile
Gniezno; Afghanistan; Enedaremn; Enedaremn;; 2011-11-05 profile
Gold Coast; Australia; Dorothy; owusu;; 2008-04-01 profile
Goldsboro, NC; United States of America; Evelyn; Godwin;; 2009-04-09 profile
Gombe; Nigeria; Shallex; usman;; 2010-06-08 profile
Grahamstown; South Africa; Salomey; Salomey;; 2011-08-23 profile
Grand Junction, CO; United States of America; Anita; Leed;; 2011-04-05 profile
Grand Rapids, MI; United States of America; Francisca; wise;; 2011-07-29 profile
Grayson, GA; United States of America; Carol; Jones;; 2010-06-10 profile
Greater London; England; Marianna; Konel;; 2009-05-15 profile
Greater London; England; Sandra; Don´t say;; 2009-12-02 profile
Greater London; England; Emily; lucas;; 2010-02-23 profile
Greater London; United Kingdom; Nina; Xx;; 2011-12-05 profile
Greenfield, OH; United States of America; Katya; Love;; 2009-01-06 profile
Greenville; Liberia; Kate; Wilton;; 2010-05-05 profile
Gridley, CA; United States of America; Kylie; Perry;; 2011-06-28 profile
Groningen; Netherlands; Doris; Johnson;; 2010-04-08 profile
Guang Dong; China; Kisun; sung;; 2010-12-14 profile
Guang Dong; China; Jiahui; Zhu;; 2009-05-08 profile
Guangyuan; China; Ruby; ramos; ruby(; 2011-09-07 profile
Guatemala; Guatemala; Dariya; dariya;; 2008-11-05 profile
Gwynedd County; Ukraine; Svetlana; n/a;; 2012-02-15 profile
Gyumri; Armenia; Nelli; don’t know;; 2012-02-19 profile
Habarovsk; Russia; Valentina; Gogolewa;; 2008-05-08 profile
Habarovsk; Russia; Natalya; Strogaya;; 2008-10-01 profile
Habarovsk; Russia; Tatyana; Пасявина;; 2009-08-29 profile
Habarovsk; Russia; Veronika; Гайдаш;; 2009-08-19 profile
Habarovsk; Russia; Ekaterina; Kowjazina;; 2010-05-31 profile
Habarovsk; Russia; Olga; Kuzina;; 2011-12-21 profile
Habarovsk; Russia; Svetlana; Прникова; ; 2012-07-23 profile
Halifax; Canada; Grace; Thomas;; 2010-06-17 profile
Hamburg; Germany; Yulia; Motorina;; 2009-12-29 profile
Hamburg; Germany; Merian; patric;; 2010-11-09 profile
Hamilton, OH; United States of America; Nancy; Witney;; 2010-12-03 profile
Hanford, CA; United States of America; Amanda; Kho;; 2011-10-29 profile
Hastings, Florida; United States of America; Mary; Ann Sanger-Sears;,; 2008-08-11 profile
Hatfield, PA; United States of America; Sandra thelnings; Cloud; ; 2012-07-04 profile
Hattiesburg, MS; United States of America; Cherry; Williams;; 2011-08-26 profile
Helena, MT; United States of America; Linda; Maria;; 2011-01-23 profile
Helotes, TX; United States of America; Elizabeth; handerson;; 2010-08-17 profile
Helsinki; Finland; Melissa; melissa;; 2012-06-27 profile
Hialeah, FL; United States of America; Tracy; williams;; 2010-09-07 profile
Hicksville, NY; United States of America; Aleftina; parker;; 2010-04-05 profile
Hillerod; Denmark; Natalya; Pushtarekova;; 2011-03-16 profile
Hillerod; Denmark; Natalija; Pushtarekova/Milivoye;; 2011-03-23 profile
Hillerod; Denmark; Svetlana; Osipova;; 2011-05-28 profile
Hillerod; Denmark; Katy; Muhametova/Milivoye;; 2011-10-22 profile
Ho; Ghana; Diana; Adams;; 2007-11-14 profile
Ho; Ghana; Maya; atta;; 2009-12-11 profile
Hockley, TX; United States of America; Grace; Bills;; 2011-12-21 profile
Holiday Shores, Illinois; United States of America; Liliya; Lilok;; 2008-03-24 profile
Holtsville, NY; United States of America; Brandy; smith;; 2008-11-21 profile
Holtsville, NY; United States of America; Tisha; sparks;; 2008-11-22 profile
Holtsville, NY; United States of America; Stephanie; keller;; 2008-12-09 profile
Holtsville, NY; United States of America; Brooke; marks;; 2009-01-15 profile
Holtsville, NY; United States of America; Mary; Tennyson;; 2011-12-12 profile
Homjel’; Belarus; Marina; Karpenko;; 2009-07-04 profile
Honolulu, HI; United States of America; Jay; Savastain; ; 2012-03-16 profile
Horlivka; Ukraine; Darya; Apina;; 2009-05-19 profile
Horlivka; Ukraine; Alena; Alena;; 2006-05-30 profile
Horlivka; Ukraine; Katya; Katya;; 2006-05-22 profile
Horlivka; Ukraine; Natalia; German;; 2010-08-28 profile
Hoschton, GA; United States of America; Cierra; Wilson;; 2011-08-27 profile
Houston, Texas; United States of America; Karen; Anderson;; 2008-09-06 profile
Houston, TX; United States of America; Mary; Santos;; 2011-07-15 profile
Houston, TX; United States of America; Anabel; Wheeler;; 2010-09-25 profile
Houston, TX; United States of America; Belinda; Owusu;; 2011-02-16 profile
Houston, TX; United States of America; Candy; campbell;; 2010-07-27 profile
Houston, TX; United States of America; Sierra; Ulibarri;; 2011-12-31 profile
Houston, TX; United States of America; Morgan; anderson;; 2012-02-27 profile
Houston, TX; United States of America; Shaine; Shaine89; ; 2012-05-14 profile
Hoyt, KS; United States of America; Monica; Sooncome10;; 2011-06-08 profile
Huelva; Spain; Katiuska; parraga;; 2008-09-17 profile
Humble, TX; United States of America; Lizzy; Lizzy5233;; 2011-02-15 profile
Humboldt, TN; United States of America; Yuliya; Русинова;; 2010-04-08 profile
Hunan; China; Valerie; Torres;; 2012-07-08 profile
Hyattsville, MD; United States of America; Alice; Cromer;; 2010-08-01 profile
Iasi; Romania; Lavka; beloi;; 2010-11-22 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Seyi; Doherty;; 2009-09-18 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Joy; ajayi;; 2007-12-21 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Adejoorin; Frances;; 2011-01-12 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Blessing; akande or alonge;; 2008-05-20 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Dayo / ola; Adedayo;; 2008-11-05 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Jessica; williams;; 2008-11-18 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Sharon; collins;; 2009-01-17 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Ireagbonse; John;; 2010-06-22 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Seun; ojo;; 2007-12-19 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Jenny; adeniyi;; 2010-05-29 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Becky; Joseph;; 2010-07-25 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Moreen; maurice;; 2010-07-24 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Remi; ojo; _bunmi4soulmate@yahoo.com_; 2005-07-13 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Eunice; Adesina;; 2010-03-06 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Tina; collins; _tina_iyabo@yahoo.com_; 2006-02-24 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Sandra; Cole;; 2009-05-21 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Sandra; Williams;; 2012-04-10 profile
Ibadan; Nigeria; Nicky; Askegard;; 2012-06-14 profile
Ijebu Ode; Nigeria; Adeniran; ibikunle;; 2007-08-28 profile
Ikare; Nigeria; Mary sarah; white;; 2011-06-30 profile
Ilesha; Nigeria; Evelin; james;; 2008-10-28 profile
Ilesha; Nigeria; Evelin; evelin james;; 2009-07-09 profile
Ilesha; Nigeria; Jessica; Williams;; 2010-09-24 profile
Ilesha; Nigeria; Kate; adewole;; 2010-06-11 profile
Ille-et-Vilaine; France; Yuloks; yharisova;; 2009-04-11 profile
Iloilo; Philippines; Beverly; Velasco;; 2010-05-23 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Alena; Nagovotsyna;; 2009-12-15 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Nadya (nadezhda); Kurlina;; 2007-11-27 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Alena; kashina;; 2007-05-07 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Anna; askenova;; 2006-09-09 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Marija; -;; 2008-02-11 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Yuliya; PODIESNYH;; 2007-07-10 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Ekaterina; Koriukova;; 2007-12-09 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Ekaterina; Kotenok;,; 2007-10-07 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Elena; Touzova;,; 2007-11-27 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Anna; ??;; 2008-06-21 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Natalya; natalya;; 2008-07-21 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Evgeniya; Hanova; < <>; 2008-07-25 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Venera; shakirova;; 2008-09-05 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Natalya or anna; Dont know; or; 2008-07-22 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Elizaveta; NA;; 2008-09-12 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Venera; shakirova;; 2008-09-21 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Sally; Dariya; and; 2008-09-27 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Sally or dariya; Unknown; &; 2008-09-28 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Dariya; Dariya;; 2008-10-16 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Marina; Malysh;; 2008-11-04 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Svetlana; not given yet;; 2008-11-25 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Daria; Sapicheva; _sapidaria@emailrus.ifo_; 2009-03-03 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Daria; -;,; 2008-12-01 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Olga; VEDernikova; _frykt42@rambler.ru_; 2009-03-28 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Daria; sladkaya;; 2008-11-26 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Yana; Нуждина;; 2009-02-18 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Natalya or anna; Dont know; or; 2008-07-22 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Ekaterina; Ivanova;; 2009-01-13 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Yana; Нуждина;; 2009-02-17 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Tatiana; Korchyagina;; 2011-01-23 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Evgeniya; Roudik;; 2009-11-17 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Marina; nerova;; 2010-01-01 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Miss; Anna;; 2010-01-18 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Mariya; Hohlova;; 2010-02-28 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Miss; Alena;; 2009-12-31 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Anna; Doesn’t Say;; 2010-01-15 profile
Irkutsk; Russia; Kseniya vladimirovna; Berezina;; 2011-03-24 profile
Irvine, CA; United States of America; Svitlana; Rollins (Dyachenko);,; 2011-04-12 profile
Irvine, CA; United States of America; Aimee; Dennis;; 2011-05-05 profile
Ivano-Frankivsk; Ukraine; Miroslava; Sereda;; 2007-09-01 profile
Ivano-Frankivsk; Ukraine; Kristina; Rostova ?;; 2008-06-08 profile
Ivano-Frankivsk; Ukraine; Nataliya; Melnichuk;; 2008-07-31 profile
Ivano-Frankivsk; Ukraine; Natasha; Mikolaeva;; 2008-09-09 profile
Ivano-Frankivsk; Ukraine; Anna; Karenina; _annakarenina1986@gmail.com_; 2008-12-12 profile
Ivano-Frankivsk; Ukraine; Angelina; Timoshenko; _angelinkapretty@yahoo.com_; 2009-01-15 profile
Ivano-Frankivsk; Ukraine; Viktoria; Kozur;; 2009-01-19 profile
Ivano-Frankivsk; Ukraine; Nataliya; Бортнык;; 2009-04-15 profile
Ivano-Frankivsk; Ukraine; Yuliya; Yuliya;; 2006-05-15 profile
Ivano-Frankivsk; Ukraine; Olena; Ivanova;; 2011-05-18 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Svetlana; Egorova;; 2004-03-16 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Evgenia; Solovyova;; 2007-04-13 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Evgenia; Solovyova;; 2007-04-13 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Olga; Shayne, Brusnikina;; 2007-12-26 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Alisa; Tymopheewa;; 2007-04-16 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Alisa; Tymopheewa;; 2007-03-08 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Nataliya; Krasilova;; 2008-07-21 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Marta; Perepelkina;; 2009-08-20 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Elena; Mironova;; 2006-05-23 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Marta; Finistova;; 2010-04-09 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Elena; krasotka;; 2009-12-17 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Swetlana; PONTELEEWA;; 2010-06-17 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Elena; Zoluchka;; 2010-07-16 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Lermusechkak; LermusechkaK;; 2008-10-11 profile
Ivanovo; Russia; Elena; chernova;; 2011-07-19 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Katerina; Beloyusowa;; 2010-02-27 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Tatyana; goronkova;; 2008-02-08 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Irina; Hadanova;; 2006-09-11 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Elena; potapova;; 2005-12-15 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Ekaterina; abramova;; 2007-12-28 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Kristyna; Popova;; 2006-08-30 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Ekaterina; -;; 2008-07-07 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Ekaterina/tatyan/anna; abramova/zurbina/pyatova;; 2007-12-29 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Katya; Яблокова; _yablokova-katya@mail.ru_; 2008-03-03 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Irina; Proulova;; 2009-08-22 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Anna; chirkova;; 2011-01-28 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Yuliya; sakeeva;; 2008-08-20 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Ekaterina; Palchikova;,; 2008-07-27 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Guzalya; Muftahova;; 2008-04-07 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Elena; Kiseleva;; 2008-08-29 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Marina; Kirichenko/Lebedeva;; 2008-09-01 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Marina or zlata; kirichenko;; 2008-08-27 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Yuliya; Smirnova;; 2011-01-23 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Ekaterina; Pushkareva;; 2009-03-24 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Elena; NONE;; 2009-02-02 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Elena; dekina;; 2008-12-30 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Tatyana; Zaiceva;; 2007-04-27 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Irina; -;; 2009-08-15 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Ekaterina; Pushkareva;; 2009-06-01 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Ekaterina; Samigulina;; 2010-02-18 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Ekaterina; Lomonosova;; 2009-10-23 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Anastasiya; Cheka;; 2010-09-02 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Ekaterina; Marakolina;; 2010-08-28 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Kate; kutyavina;; 2010-07-19 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Ekaterina; Marakolina;; 2010-06-05 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Veronika; nazarova;; 2010-09-26 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Yuliya, alina; unknown; ,; 2010-05-24 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Olga; terentyeva;; 2011-03-27 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Ekaterina/tatyan/anna, lina pedro; abramova/zurbina/pyatova;; 2007-12-18 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Zulfiya; Shavaleeva;; 2011-09-01 profile
Izhevsk; Russia; Anastasiya; jhkjhkl;; 2008-01-31 profile
Izmir; Turkey; Hatice; Dzhambaz; ; 2012-03-24 profile
Jacksonville, FL; United States of America; Maria; Bahmas;; 2010-11-25 profile
Jacksonville, FL; United States of America; Melisa; Cean;; 2011-12-28 profile
Jakarta; Indonesia; Norrin; Mohammed;; 2010-11-19 profile
Jamaica, New York; United States of America; Vera/elisha; DULENKO/CULBERT;; 2008-01-08 profile
Jeddah; Saudi Arabia; Amen; anamen;; 2010-03-25 profile
Jekaterinburg; Russia; Irina; Нарбутовских; _irina_narbutovsk@mail.ru_; 2008-06-07 profile
Jekaterinburg; Russia; Olga; Bradechka;; 2010-11-11 profile
Jekaterinburg; Russia; Yuliya; NoName;; 2009-10-16 profile
Jekaterinburg; Russia; Olga; Starodubceiva;; 2010-10-22 profile
Jekaterinburg; Russia; Natalya; Пиливцева; _natasha-piligrim@mail.ru_; 2009-08-20 profile
Johannesburg; South Africa; Janet; Ling;,; 2011-10-01 profile
Johannesburg; South Africa; Vida; Kon;; 2010-10-20 profile
Juba; Sudan; Salome; Kabashi;; 2010-11-26 profile
Jubayl; Lebanon; Chantal; Barbour;; 2008-06-25 profile
Jupiter, FL; United States of America; Anastasiya; svetlina;; 2009-06-03 profile
Justice, IL; United States of America; Jolie; Alex; ; 2012-06-01 profile
Kalamazoo, Michigan; United States of America; Irina; Lyapunova;; 2007-06-01 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; |anya; клименко; _anya-radost25@mail.ru_; 2007-11-20 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Anastasiya; Andreeva;; 2008-10-02 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Anastasiya; Sergeevna Andreeva;; 2008-10-19 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Anastasiya; Alexseeva;; 2008-10-02 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Anastasiya; Andreeva;; 2008-10-21 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Anastasiya; Andreeva;; 2008-10-10 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Anastasiya; andreeva;; 2008-10-10 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Anastasiya; Andreeva;; 2008-10-10 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Larisa; Shubina; _lalefi@mail.ru_; 2009-05-11 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Larisa; Shubina; _lalefi@mail.ru_; 2009-05-11 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Anastasiya; Andreeva;; 2008-10-09 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Elena; Ergardt;; 2010-05-29 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Ekaterina; Idontknow;; 2010-11-13 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Darya; Chernyavskaya;; 2012-02-17 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Galina; sidorova;; 2012-05-01 profile
Kaliningrad; Russia; Elena; Kiis;; 2012-06-23 profile
Kaluga; Russia; Diana; ivanova;; 2005-11-24 profile
Kaluga; Russia; Yulia; not listed;; 2010-11-20 profile
Kaluga; Russia; Larisa;; Kataeva.;; 2010-11-27 profile
Kaluga; Russia; Marina; None Given; marina <; 2010-03-21 profile
Kamensk; Russia; Yulija / yuliya; efremowa;; 2007-03-19 profile
Kamensk; Russia; Elena lena; kazakowa;; 2011-05-13 profile
Kano; Nigeria; Elizabeth; aku; _elizabeth4real55@yahoo.com_; 2005-09-12 profile
Kansas City, MO; United States of America; Icy; escudero;; 2009-06-06 profile
karachay-Cherkessia; Russia; Yulya; ????; &; 2010-02-07 profile
Katowice; Poland; Hanna; Armas Coleman; hanna armas coleman <>; 2008-08-21 profile
Kazan; Algeria; Margarita; Alekseeva;; 2008-08-11 profile
Kazan; Russia; Olga; Akpulatova;; 2005-04-22 profile
Kazan; Russia; Anna; Shadrina; ; 2006-01-03 profile
Kazan; Russia; Olga; olga viktoria; viktorova.olga@yahoo; 2009-10-09 profile
Kazan; Russia; Elena; not given;; 2008-02-12 profile
Kazan; Russia; Marina; sozonova;; 2008-03-07 profile
Kazan; Russia; Alena; Klimova; ; 2005-12-07 profile
Kazan; Russia; Anastasiya; Anastasiya;; 2007-12-17 profile
Kazan; Russia; Irina; Gavrilova Vladimirovna;; 2007-07-24 profile
Kazan; Russia; Ira; evseeva; _evira_girl@yahoo.com_; 2006-04-03 profile
Kazan; Russia; Gulnara; Khadieva / Hadieva;; 2006-02-07 profile
Kazan; Russia; Tatyana; Fedotova;; 2006-06-21 profile
Kazan; Russia; Anna; Volganina;; 2005-05-04 profile
Kazan; Russia; Luda; Redkina;; 2007-08-21 profile
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Kazan; Russia; Kristina; Idontknow;; 2010-11-13 profile
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Kediri; Indonesia; Ratna; ratna sastika;; 2011-08-10 profile
Keller, VA; United States of America; Kate; Kateneedtruelove;; 2012-01-20 profile
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Kemp, TX; United States of America; Kalila rose; Mcfadden;; 2011-09-02 profile
Kerrville, TX; United States of America; Monica; Bills;; 2011-10-14 profile
Key West, FL; United States of America; Jane; jane91;; 2010-10-16 profile
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Khakassia; Russia; Elena; chesnokova;; 2008-12-23 profile
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Kharkiv; Ukraine; Julia; LUTSENKO;; 2011-12-26 profile
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Khon Kaen; Thailand; Jula maya; Phongkomsing;; 2011-09-09 profile
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Kirov; Russia; Kseniya; ivanova;; 2008-03-11 profile
Kirov; Russia; Anjelika; Ilyushina Nikolaeva;; 2008-04-14 profile
Kirov; Russia; Juliya; VEDYAKINA; simple- –; 2008-04-19 profile
Kirov; Russia; Diana; Shamova;; 2008-03-04 profile
Kirov; Russia; Dina; kopchikova;; 2008-05-31 profile
Kirov; Russia; Diana; shamova;; 2008-06-04 profile
Kirov; Russia; Dasha; prostova;; 2008-06-22 profile
Kirov; Russia; Elena; Koneva;; 2008-07-03 profile
Kirov; Russia; Svetlana; Sokolova;; 2008-09-27 profile
Kirov; Russia; Darya; Filippova;; 2008-09-09 profile
Kirov; Russia; Natalya; naty;; 2008-10-01 profile
Kirov; Russia; Olga; kirillova;; 2008-09-10 profile
Kirov; Russia; Olesya; -;; 2008-08-25 profile
Kirov; Russia; Anastasiya; zhguleva;; 2008-08-25 profile
Kirov; Russia; Snezhana; Bayguzina;; 2008-09-03 profile
Kirov; Russia; Nataliya; kudryavceva;; 2008-08-29 profile
Kirov; Russia; Olga; -;; 2008-10-13 profile
Kirov; Russia; Mariya; vedernikova;; 2008-09-19 profile
Kirov; Russia; Elena; Tolmachyova;; 2008-02-10 profile
Kirov; Russia; Julia; -;; 2008-10-06 profile
Kirov; Russia; Ekaterina; Gordeeva;; 2010-12-05 profile
Kirov; Russia; Olga; G?;; 2009-04-07 profile
Kirov; Russia; Natalya; never said;; 2009-06-06 profile
Kirov; Russia; Ekaterina/yana; —;;; 2009-06-08 profile
Kirov; Russia; Yuliya; Mahalkina;; 2009-07-31 profile
Kirov; Russia; Marina; ?;; 2009-05-14 profile
Kirov; Russia; Natasha; Kiska;; 2009-03-13 profile
Kirov; Russia; Marina; Furzik;; 2009-04-04 profile
Kirov; Russia; Irina; tukmanova;; 2009-03-05 profile
Kirov; Russia; Mariya; without;; 2009-04-07 profile
Kirov; Russia; Olga; Don’tknow;; 2009-03-08 profile
Kirov; Russia; Natalya 32 v.; Kaupunki Nolinsk;; 2011-04-23 profile
Kirov; Russia; Elena; Timofeeva;; 2010-05-12 profile
Kirov; Russia; Anzhelika; —;; 2009-05-19 profile
Kirov; Russia; Vera; Sol;; 2009-03-10 profile
Kirov; Russia; Nataliya; Unknown;; 2009-03-11 profile
Kirov; Russia; Anna; unknown;; 2009-02-22 profile
Kirov; Russia; Ramilya; khabibulina;; 2009-09-29 profile
Kirov; Russia; Olga; ZYKOVA;; 2009-01-28 profile
Kirov; Russia; Nataliya; PARSHAKOVA;; 2009-01-28 profile
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Kirov; Russia; Inessa; Urazaeva;,; 2009-09-27 profile
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Kirov; Russia; Nataliya; Umanec;; 2009-11-24 profile
Kirov; Russia; Inna; Malinina;; 2009-10-22 profile
Kirov; Russia; Maria / masha; SHIPITSYNA;; 2010-01-29 profile
Kirov; Russia; Natalya; Vasilyeva;; 2010-01-15 profile
Kirov; Russia; Vika or viktoriya; Koneva;; 2010-08-29 profile
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Kirov; Russia; Elena; lena;; 2010-04-22 profile
Kirov; Russia; Marina; OUWCHINIKOVA;; 2011-01-15 profile
Kirov; Russia; Svetlana; Osipova; svetlana []; 2011-06-22 profile
Kirov; Russia; Svetlana; Erogova;; 2010-04-29 profile
Kirov; Russia; Svetlana; koneva;; 2010-07-12 profile
Kirov; Russia; Mariya; koroleva;; 2010-04-27 profile
Kirov; Russia; Evgeniya; Evgeniya – Beautifullady – Iri;; 2010-11-10 profile
Kirov; Russia; Elena lena yaransk;;; 2011-03-31 profile
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Kirov; Russia; Victoriya; Bugrova;; 2006-07-05 profile
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Kirov; Russia; Olga; O;; 2010-12-12 profile
Kirov; Russia; Olga; vereshagina;; 2010-04-19 profile
Kirovohrad; Ukraine; Anjelika; Bazhanova;; 2008-07-25 profile
Kirovohrad; Ukraine; Alla; Porada;; 2009-05-27 profile
Kirovohrad; Ukraine; Allunya; Фрейдис;; 2009-05-02 profile
Kirovohrad; Ukraine; Natasha, natalia; K;; 2009-12-21 profile
Kirovohrad; Ukraine; Yufa; Espirito;; 2010-10-20 profile
Kirovohrad; Ukraine; Ira; Ira;; 2006-05-30 profile
Kirovohrad; Ukraine; Alena; no;; 2009-12-20 profile
Kirovohrad; Ukraine; Tanya; UNKWON;; 2010-03-20 profile
Kishinev; Moldova; Adriana; Cerempei;; 2007-03-20 profile
Kishinev; Moldova; Tatiana; Rotaru;; 2003-04-27 profile
Kishinev; Moldova; Natasha; Petrova, Natalia Ceres, Natalia Cheresh, Natalia Svetlova, Natalia Ivanova;,,,; 2005-08-19 profile
Kislovodsk; Russia; Anna; don’t know;; 2010-12-30 profile
Kislovodsk; Russia; Inna; ILINA;; 2010-08-02 profile
Kislovodsk; Russia; Darya; Dashenka;; 2010-03-27 profile
Kissimmee, FL; United States of America; Jennifer; jacobs;; 2009-06-30 profile
Klagenfurt; Austria; Anita; Baby; ; 2012-03-25 profile
Klagenfurt; Austria; Sandybrown; Brown; ; 2012-02-06 profile
Klagenfurt; Austria; Diane; Lewis;; 2011-12-22 profile
Klagenfurt; Austria; Laura; Rene;; 2011-08-14 profile
Koforidua; Ghana; Kathy; moore;; 2009-07-24 profile
Koforidua; Ghana; Mar; dickson;; 2007-12-15 profile
Koforidua; Ghana; Monica; alison;; 2012-01-28 profile
Koforidua; Ghana; Karen; Johnosn;; 2012-05-01 profile
Koforidua; Ghana; Patricia; Sarpong;; 2012-06-22 profile
Koge; Denmark; Beccy; annan;; 2009-08-20 profile
Kolda; Senegal; Monica; jones;; 2010-05-08 profile
Kolomyya; Ukraine; Mariya; Donskaya;; 2007-12-07 profile
Komi; Russia; Evgenya; Урзова;; 2008-01-28 profile
Komi; Russia; Nadezhada; Frolushcina;; 2008-07-16 profile
Komi; Russia; Natalya; Macarova;; 2011-03-21 profile
Konotop; Ukraine; Lesya; Lesya;; 2006-05-30 profile
Konotop; Ukraine; Liya; kara; _k.liya@yahoo.com_; 2007-10-25 profile
Konotop; Ukraine; Oksana; Libedeva;; 2009-12-03 profile
Konotop; Ukraine; Yana; Uknown;; 2008-10-02 profile
Konotop; Ukraine; Vikulya; ????;; 2010-05-17 profile
Kostroma; Russia; Irina; Mamaeva;; 2006-11-14 profile
Kostroma; Russia; Raisa; RaisaGladka;; 2008-10-08 profile
Kostroma; Russia; Zara / elena; KOLMOGOROVA;; 2011-09-05 profile
Koulikoro; Mali; Aoua laura; Koita;; 2011-10-24 profile
Kousseri; Cameroon; Keller; pieresen; _servingthefulani@gmail.com_; 2010-08-07 profile
Kovrov; Russia; Anastasiya; Anastasiya;; 2011-01-28 profile
Kovrov; Russia; Natalya; Grigoreva;; 2007-07-07 profile
Krakow; Poland; Veronica; ?;; 2008-03-02 profile
Krakow; Poland; Veronica; unknown;; 2008-03-16 profile
Kramators’k; Ukraine; Yaroslavw; Gromova;; 2009-08-16 profile
Kramators’k; Ukraine; Viktoriya; Udalya;; 2009-12-27 profile
Krasnoarmiys’k; Ukraine; Tatyana; ??;; 2007-08-14 profile
Krasnoarmiys’k; Ukraine; Natasha; Smirnova;; 2009-06-08 profile
Krasnoarmiys’k; Ukraine; Natasha; Don´t say;; 2009-10-20 profile
Krasnodar; Russia; Galina; shtiyn;; 2010-08-03 profile
Krasnodar; Russia; Marina; Ruszanova;; 2006-09-25 profile
Krasnodar; Russia; Irina; Sawina;; 2011-01-28 profile
Krasnodar; Russia; Alina; alinochka;; 2008-04-30 profile
Krasnodar; Russia; Margarita; Чернецкая;; 2009-01-15 profile
Krasnodar; Russia; Ekaterina; ?;; 2011-01-20 profile
Krasnodar; Russia; Margarita; Chernetskaya;; 2009-02-04 profile
Krasnodar; Russia; Milissa; генюш; _milissa86@bk.ru_; 2009-09-04 profile
Krasnodar; Russia; Irina; Romankova;; 2011-04-24 profile
Krasnodar; Russia; Galina; Shtiyn;; 2010-08-16 profile
Krasnodar; Russia; Imira; imira;; 2005-09-01 profile
Krasnodar; Russia; Marina; unknown;; 2011-06-05 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Liliya; not given;; 2007-11-15 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Katya; Sam; _katya_24@fromru.com_; 2005-04-05 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Nancy; Unknown;; 2007-08-29 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Iraida (violla) 30 y.o.; Glushkova;; 2008-07-10 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Anna; tyrina; miss anna <; 2008-06-04 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Miss marina; none give;,; 2008-07-13 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Mariya; Wedernikowa;; 2008-07-31 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Mariya; wedernikowa;; 2008-08-10 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Elza; None mentioned;; 2008-09-23 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Anzhela; Gazalieva; miss anzhela <>; 2008-10-11 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Anna / elena; Tyrina; miss anna <>; 2008-06-06 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Anastasiya “nastya”; Tanchenko;; 2008-11-22 profile
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Krasnojarsk; Russia; Anna; solnechnaya;; 2011-06-14 profile
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Krasnojarsk; Russia; Ludmila (lyudmila); Bahtina;; 2009-10-30 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Ekaterina; Vershinina;; 2009-04-22 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Natalia; -;; 2009-03-02 profile
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Krasnojarsk; Russia; Angelina; Lipnina;; 2011-04-03 profile
Krasnojarsk; Russia; Irina; none yet;; 2012-02-02 profile
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Kursk; Russia; Ekaterina lebedewa / marina khlebutina /marina nikitina / darya; Ekaterina Lebedewa / Marina Khlebutina /Marina Nikitina / Darya; /; 2007-10-23 profile
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Mari El; Russia; Natasha; Natasha;; 2009-01-04 profile
Mari El; Russia; Sveta; Pet;; 2009-08-11 profile
Mari El; Russia; Sveta; Pet;; 2009-08-11 profile
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Mari El; Russia; Elena volzhsk;;; 2011-03-31 profile
Mari El; Russia; Elena; Kozmodemjansk;; 2010-11-03 profile
Mari El; Russia; Ekaterina; kurzeneva;; 2010-02-19 profile
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Mari El; Russia; Svetlana; Uhova;; 2010-02-28 profile
Mari El; Russia; Svetlana; Uhova;; 2010-02-14 profile
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Marietta, GA; United States of America; Rose; Jenny;; 2010-08-21 profile
Marietta, OH; United States of America; Evelyn; Larb;; 2010-11-11 profile
Mariupol’; Ukraine; Diana; Butova;; 2008-06-27 profile
Mariupol’; Ukraine; Evgeniya; Горковенко;; 2009-09-12 profile
Mariupol’; Ukraine; Kristina; Parkhomenko;,,; 2009-06-12 profile
Mariupol’; Ukraine; Alina; LUKYANOVA;; 2011-12-03 profile
Mariupol’; Ukraine; Kristina`; Parkhomenko;; 2009-06-06 profile
Mariupol’; Ukraine; Victoria; -;,; 2009-04-11 profile
Mariupol’; Ukraine; Elena; Kovalenko;; 2009-01-02 profile
Mariupol’; Ukraine; Iryna; milekhina;; 2009-04-27 profile
Marshall, ND; United States of America; Julian; Lambert;; 2011-12-28 profile
Medford, MA; United States of America; Gift; James;; 2011-06-14 profile
Melbourne; Australia; Dixie jane; hill;; 2010-05-25 profile
Melbourne; Australia; Brandy; Torres;; 2011-07-14 profile
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Melbourne; Australia; Rita; Brian; ; 2012-02-15 profile
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Melitpol’; Ukraine; Natalia; Beseda;; 2007-07-09 profile
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Melitpol’; Ukraine; Marina; Don´t say;; 2009-10-22 profile
Melitpol’; Ukraine; Julia; K;; 2010-02-24 profile
Melitpol’; Ukraine; Yliana; UNKNOWN;; 2010-05-18 profile
Meraux, LA; United States of America; Sandra; Sandra12; ; 2012-03-03 profile
Mesa, AZ; United States of America; Hellen; johnson;; 2009-12-12 profile
Mesilla Park, NM; United States of America; Lindsa hamm; Caringsoul80;; 2011-11-15 profile
Miami Beach, FL; United States of America; Donna; Hon;; 2011-07-12 profile
Miami, FL; United States of America; Alisha; Wayne;; 2010-12-06 profile
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Miass; Russia; Yulliya; Ubekannt;; 2011-11-22 profile
Mid Glamorgan; United Kingdom; Justine; Roy; ; 2012-08-14 profile
Milano; Italy; Nastya; Milut;; 2008-03-25 profile
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Minneapolis, MN; United States of America; Charlene; Poryes;; 2011-08-22 profile
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Minsk; Belarus; Elena; Kupryk;; 2005-12-12 profile
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Minsk; Belarus; Tatiana; Krylova;; 2007-03-13 profile
Minsk; Belarus; Tatsiana; Krylova;; 2007-11-04 profile
Minsk; Belarus; Olga; Khvesko;; 2008-03-19 profile
Minsk; Belarus; Anzhela; Pronina; _anhelika33@yahoo.com_; 2008-07-11 profile
Minsk; Belarus; Katerina; Трезнова; _treznova@gmail.com_; 2008-08-03 profile
Minsk; Belarus; Svetlana; Savchuk;; 2008-03-25 profile
Minsk; Belarus; Oksana; Lepkovich;; 2009-04-02 profile
Minsk; Belarus; Katerina; Mashukova;; 2009-03-02 profile
Minsk; Belarus; Karina; Жуковская; _karina1386@tut.by_; 2008-02-18 profile
Minsk; Belarus; Elizaveta; Фролова;; 2008-04-10 profile
Minsk; Belarus; Darina; darina; shinedarin​; 2011-09-25 profile
Moca, PR; United States of America; Irina; hhgfhgfjh;; 2009-08-04 profile
Mogilev; Belarus; Darya; Kozlovskaia; ; 2012-06-25 profile
Monrovia; Liberia; Ms anne; Kuadio;; 2009-10-24 profile
Monrovia; Liberia; Juliet; aburey;; 2010-07-22 profile
Monrovia; Liberia; Dababy; babyluvy;; 2010-09-28 profile
Montpelier, VT; United States of America; Linda smith; Honestheart2525; ; 2012-08-01 profile
Montreal; Canada; Laila; Williams;; 2009-05-31 profile
Montreal; Canada; Sndra; binney;; 2010-05-20 profile
Montreal; Canada; Parackrama; senanayake;; 2010-05-28 profile
Montreal; Canada; Sherry; W;; 2011-06-12 profile
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Montreal; Canada; Mirian; Gilles; ; 2012-07-18 profile
Montreal-Nord; Canada; Sarahktrue; Naamel; ; 2012-03-24 profile
Moody, AL; United States of America; Dammy; Jones;; 2010-02-01 profile
Moody, AL; United States of America; Theresea; Walker; ; 2012-08-03 profile
Moon Township, Pennsylvania; United States of America; Zhana; Winzeler; _zhanatyua@yahoo.com_; 2008-05-07 profile
Mopti; Mali; Marina; Kone;; 2011-08-18 profile
Mordovia; Russia; Svetlana; Narkomova;; 2007-11-29 profile
Moscow; Afghanistan; Nesfrortvon; neSFrortVon;; 2011-09-11 profile
Moscow; Russia; Ekaterina; Suraeva;; 2005-04-22 profile
Moscow; Russia; Odila; Boeva;; 2005-07-01 profile
Moscow; Russia; Irishka; Romashka;; 2009-09-07 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Elena; Pashutina;; 2005-05-28 profile
Moscow; Russia; Asya kozhurenko/elena butorina; Kozhurenko/Butorina;,; 2005-12-09 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Diana; Not provided;; 2007-03-23 profile
Moscow; Russia; Alena; Kuzmina;; 2008-02-28 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Liubov; Nikolaevna;; 2006-01-17 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Lydmila; NOT KNOWN;; 2006-12-04 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Marina; alekeeva;; 2011-01-12 profile
Moscow; Russia; Natalya;;; 2011-01-07 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Irina; Savena;; 2011-01-28 profile
Moscow; Russia; Maria; kalavasheva germanovna;; 2008-02-02 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elena; Elena;,; 2011-01-07 profile
Moscow; Russia; Dinara; Shakirova;; 2007-08-13 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Alina; shigapova;; 2008-10-04 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Juliya; Pereskokova;; 2008-03-22 profile
Moscow; Russia; Svetlana; Sekretareva;; 2008-03-02 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Svetlana; ?;; 2008-08-05 profile
Moscow; Russia; Ludmila; ringenberg;; 2008-05-04 profile
Moscow; Russia; Viktoria; Ryupina;; 2008-05-05 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Tanja; Not provided; _dreams1@pochta.ru_; 2006-12-25 profile
Moscow; Russia; Baira; Ovlikova;; 2007-08-16 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yuliya; starkissllove79;; 2008-05-12 profile
Moscow; Russia; Nadya; grebneva;; 2008-05-13 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; Elsukova;; 2008-05-14 profile
Moscow; Russia; Tatyana; Russie;; 2008-06-08 profile
Moscow; Russia; Tatiana; Imamova;; 2008-04-25 profile
Moscow; Russia; Mariya; Mariya;; 2008-06-07 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anna; Not given;; 2008-06-12 profile
Moscow; Russia; Ekaterina; selezneva;; 2008-08-01 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga/olya; not given;; 2008-04-12 profile
Moscow; Russia; Tatyana; marchenko;; 2008-06-15 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elena; Никифорова;; 2008-07-01 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; Barisova;; 2008-06-17 profile
Moscow; Russia; Natalia; Vasilieva;; 2008-06-26 profile
Moscow; Russia; Oksana; not known;; 2008-07-01 profile
Moscow; Russia; Rayfa; izidorova;; 2008-03-24 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; Yakimova;; 2008-05-31 profile
Moscow; Russia; Sofia; -;; 2008-07-02 profile
Moscow; Russia; Lyudmila; Ekaterina;; 2008-07-08 profile
Moscow; Russia; Inga; ???;; 2008-06-20 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; Bershova;; 2008-06-14 profile
Moscow; Russia; Tatyana; Marchenco;; 2008-06-13 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Natalya; ZAWIROKHINA;; 2008-08-20 profile
Moscow; Russia; Daria; ?;; 2008-09-15 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anastasiya; anastasiya;; 2008-08-17 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; olga;; 2008-08-26 profile
Moscow; Russia; Katya; Nikolaeva;; 2008-03-08 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anastasiya; UNKNOWN;; 2008-09-04 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Iraida; Dyldina;; 2008-09-01 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Olga; —-;; 2009-05-05 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Diana; Nadyrova; diana <; 2009-06-27 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elmira; magsumova;; 2009-08-05 profile
Moscow; Russia; Margo or margarita; Domracheva;; 2009-04-14 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Svetlana; krasava;; 2009-01-05 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anastasiya; Belostotskaya;; 2007-08-01 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Olga; Miltsyna;,; 2008-02-25 profile
Moscow; Russia; Mariya; Zorinna;; 2011-06-19 profile
Moscow; Russia; Nadezhda; Marina;,; 2009-03-22 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yuliya; Ненашева;; 2009-04-04 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elena; Unknown;; 2009-05-17 profile
Moscow; Russia; Mariya; Not Given (Refused to give);; 2009-07-01 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anastasiya; ??;; 2009-06-11 profile
Moscow; Russia; Marina; sitnikova;; 2009-06-10 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anyta; fan;,; 2009-06-18 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yuliya; Kanashevskaya;; 2009-05-31 profile
Moscow; Russia; Svetlana; Фурманова;; 2009-12-14 profile
Moscow; Russia; Svetlana; Stevic;; 2009-07-21 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anna?; slotina;; 2009-05-08 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anna; TYUTYUNNIKOVA;; 2008-12-28 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Anna; Annka,Annushka,;; 2009-04-29 profile
Moscow; Russia; Ekaterina; none given;; 2010-11-26 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anna; –;; 2009-06-03 profile
Moscow; Russia; Larisa; Попова;; 2009-02-21 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anna?; slotina?;; 2009-04-30 profile
Moscow; Russia; Ekaterina; dson’t know;; 2009-01-20 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; Solovyeva;; 2010-11-08 profile
Moscow; Russia; Tatyana; Miheewa;; 2009-06-04 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elena; Melchakova;; 2009-03-01 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yuli; ezhova;; 2009-07-06 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; Delyanova;; 2009-07-07 profile
Moscow; Russia; Ilona; Unk;; 2009-05-11 profile
Moscow; Russia; Hollis; Coleman;; 2009-11-10 profile
Moscow; Russia; Nataliya; Глазырина;; 2009-04-02 profile
Moscow; Russia; Darya; Filipiuk;; 2010-11-02 profile
Moscow; Russia; Evgina; ZAYTSEVA;; 2009-04-15 profile
Moscow; Russia; Vera; skochevf;; 2009-02-13 profile
Moscow; Russia; Katya; Orlova;; 2009-03-11 profile
Moscow; Russia; Ekaterina; Vohmintseva;; 2007-03-23 profile
Moscow; Russia; Emily; Emily;; 2007-11-11 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anastasiya; KOPYTOWA;; 2008-01-11 profile
Moscow; Russia; Marina; Morrozzo;; 2007-11-05 profile
Moscow; Russia; Marina; Podlesnikh;,; 2007-03-20 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; Bershova;; 2008-06-08 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; Bershova;; 2008-06-08 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yuliya; Sedelkina;; 2009-01-11 profile
Moscow; Russia; Sveta; Bahus;; 2010-02-06 profile
Moscow; Russia; Darie; Trukhinoy;; 2009-01-24 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elena; don’t know;; 2009-01-24 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Sofia; sofido;; 2009-09-02 profile
Moscow; Russia; Irina; Ryabtchikowa;; 2009-05-26 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elizaveta; noknownlastname;; 2009-01-17 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elena; Ларкина; _larkina_lena_@mail.ru_; 2009-02-03 profile
Moscow; Russia; Natalia; Zorina;; 2006-04-28 profile
Moscow; Russia; Natalya; efremova;; 2009-05-08 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yuliya; yuliya;; 2009-09-04 profile
Moscow; Russia; Marina; schekm;; 2009-08-04 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elizabeth; Young; _elizabeth_80@mail.ru_; 2006-07-23 profile
Moscow; Russia; Svetlana; kudinova;; 2006-05-25 profile
Moscow; Russia; Tatyana; rybakoya; tatyana1; 2009-08-05 profile
Moscow; Russia; Nataliya; GORDEEVA;; 2009-12-24 profile
Moscow; Russia; Kristina; Kamneva;; 2006-09-26 profile
Moscow; Russia; Marina; Setova;; 2006-10-16 profile
Moscow; Russia; Dasha; ivanevskaya;; 2008-06-03 profile
Moscow; Russia; Marina; ??;; 2009-08-06 profile
Moscow; Russia; Seagull; vanilla;; 2009-08-03 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yulia; don’t say; redrosem01@gmail; 2009-10-29 profile
Moscow; Russia; Tanya; Sankova;; 2009-08-13 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; no;; 2009-08-02 profile
Moscow; Russia; Alena; Kazantseva;; 2009-12-16 profile
Moscow; Russia; Irina; IRINA;; 2010-09-28 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elen; Gurariy;; 2010-09-30 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; Vyalkova;; 2010-01-26 profile
Moscow; Russia; Nadezhda; Khasanova;;;; 2009-08-13 profile
Moscow; Russia; Rita; Procenko;; 2010-09-27 profile
Moscow; Russia; Irina; don’t know;; 2010-11-21 profile
Moscow; Russia; Ekaterina; Vasilieva;; 2009-11-30 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; Golikova;; 2005-07-12 profile
Moscow; Russia; Svetlana; na; _sveta@globalservemail.info_; 2009-01-21 profile
Moscow; Russia; Natalya; Kruglyak;; 2010-08-17 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anastasiya; Filippovich;; 2010-08-29 profile
Moscow; Russia; Polina; diana;,; 2009-10-12 profile
Moscow; Russia; Tatiana; anaeva;; 2009-02-08 profile
Moscow; Russia; Chinara; karabaevna;; 2009-11-15 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; Lipinskaja;; 2010-01-23 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anna; Cheburova; krasotylcaya@yahoo; 2009-12-25 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yulia; Romanova;; 2009-12-09 profile
Moscow; Russia; Ekaterina kate; vahonina;; 2008-04-16 profile
Moscow; Russia; Maria; Marria;; 2009-11-23 profile
Moscow; Russia; S.; Tatyana;; 2010-08-28 profile
Moscow; Russia; Irina; none yet;; 2010-08-28 profile
Moscow; Russia; Mariya; Pharkhulina;; 2010-11-07 profile
Moscow; Russia; Ekaterina; Ekaterina;; 2010-01-25 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anastasia; Anastasia;; 2010-07-26 profile
Moscow; Russia; Angelina; Novomirsckaya; _angelina@gmail.com_; 2010-04-15 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yuliya; Rogozhnikova;; 2010-02-13 profile
Moscow; Russia; Ekaterina; Ekaterina;; 2010-02-11 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anna; Kosate;; 2010-02-11 profile
Moscow; Russia; Marina; Marina;; 2010-05-02 profile
Moscow; Russia; Larisa; Ershova;; 2010-02-28 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elena; Knyiazheva;; 2010-03-17 profile
Moscow; Russia; Tatyana; Morgunova;; 2010-04-20 profile
Moscow; Russia; Rita; Rita;; 2010-10-21 profile
Moscow; Russia; Snezhana; bayguzina;; 2010-09-24 profile
Moscow; Russia; Tatyana; morgunova;; 2010-04-14 profile
Moscow; Russia; Mariya; Unknown;; 2010-05-26 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; Gartung;; 2010-03-20 profile
Moscow; Russia; Darja; Belova;; 2010-10-18 profile
Moscow; Russia; Gulnara; Gulnara;; 2010-03-29 profile
Moscow; Russia; Alena; Kondrateva;; 2010-09-25 profile
Moscow; Russia; Aleksandra; sokolova;; 2009-02-10 profile
Moscow; Russia; Margarita; Isaeva;; 2010-08-29 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elena; unknown;; 2011-06-13 profile
Moscow; Russia; Margarita; MARGARITA NIKOLAEVA;; 2010-07-12 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yuliya; solodkova;; 2010-06-27 profile
Moscow; Russia; Ekaterina; Kowjazina;; 2010-05-25 profile
Moscow; Russia; Irina, inga; Guyrko;;;; 2010-04-27 profile
Moscow; Russia; Nadezhda (nadya); Demedova;; 2010-04-29 profile
Moscow; Russia; Natallia; Miniankova;; 2010-06-14 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elena; ?;; 2011-06-22 profile
Moscow; Russia; Darya; Telyatnikowa;; 2010-07-15 profile
Moscow; Russia; Erica; Wale;; 2010-07-20 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anastasya; unknown;; 2010-07-17 profile
Moscow; Russia; Diana; Diana;,_; 2010-06-29 profile
Moscow; Russia; Marina; unknown;; 2010-07-17 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yulia; Solnce;; 2010-06-03 profile
Moscow; Russia; Alena; Akyimova;; 2011-03-16 profile
Moscow; Russia; Irina; Savena;; 2011-02-23 profile
Moscow; Russia; Diana; RETOVA;; 2011-07-08 profile
Moscow; Russia; Larisa; Naoumkina;; 2011-03-14 profile
Moscow; Russia; Kristina;;; 2011-03-31 profile
Moscow; Russia; Lubaka, luba, lubov; j;; 2011-09-18 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Yulia; Nieznane;; 2011-07-19 profile
Moscow; Russia; Alenochka; Лисицина;; 2011-08-13 profile
Moscow; Russia; Kseniya; maksimova;; 2011-07-21 profile
Moscow; Russia; Natalya; Branch;; 2011-07-10 profile
Moscow; Russia; Milana; Анютина;; 2008-04-06 profile
Moscow; Russia; Natalya svetlyakova; Svetlyakova;; 2011-09-01 profile
Moscow; Russia; Marina; None Given; marina <>; 2011-10-04 profile
Moscow; Russia; Kristina; Lybedkina;; 2011-04-15 profile
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Moscow; Russia; Galina; Sidorova;; 2012-02-09 profile
Moscow; Russia; Antipina lyudmila al; murmur;; 2012-01-14 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elena; Smirnova;; 2012-01-14 profile
Moscow; Russia; Anastasiya; unknown;; 2011-12-08 profile
Moscow; Russia; Elena; Krasnova;; 2009-12-02 profile
Moscow; Russia; Alisa m; M;; 2012-02-16 profile
Moscow; Russia; Alina; Neva;; 2011-12-26 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yuliya; Vasyukova;; 2012-01-09 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; Olechka;; 2012-01-24 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yuliya; Bagdeewa;; 2012-02-07 profile
Moscow; Russia; Yacine; Jafar; ; 2012-06-28 profile
Moscow; Russia; Mariya; Chichkova;; 2012-02-20 profile
Moscow; Russia; Ekaterina; Ekaterina;; 2012-02-25 profile
Moscow; Russia; Olga; love;; 2009-09-06 <


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from: Lisa Myers <>
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date: Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 4:04 AM
subject: We Found Your Resume! Ref #3006


I would like to speak with you in regard to your background and work experience. I have been hired by QUALIVOX to find qualifying individuals with an enthusiastic personality, motivation, and a strong desire to either learn or grow their career. Based on your credentials, I feel you may be a good fit for our Mystery Shopper position.

Being a Mystery Shopper (secret shopper) is an important job – and it’s part-time, paid, and flexible to your schedule. Many of your favorite stores, restaurants and theatres depend on our mystery shoppers to understand more about what is happening in their stores.
If you’d enjoy earning yourself a little extra cash in your spare time, then doing mystery shops as a QUALIVOX mystery shopper can be fun and rewarding.

Assignments vary from a meal at a restaurant to shopping while you wait at the airport to counting heads in a theatre before a show.

Ultimately, your paid efforts will improve customer service experiences for everyone.

We work with hotels, malls, shopping centers, restaurants and shipping companies, chain stores or independent retailers, large and small.

We make the difference for your business.

Our priority: to design and animate the best tool for you that is 100% operational enabling you to motivate and unite your staff around common values and objectives, in particular to win new customers and satisfy current customers and develop loyalty.

Please take a moment to reply to this email with the word “Interested” in the subject line for additional information. This will allow us to send you a more extensive description for this position and the opportunities we have for you.

We look forward to your reply.

Best regards,

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WikiWarnings ~ Predatorswatch~ Potential Prostitutes ~

IC3 Warns of Criminals Using Mug Shots to Extort Victims

IC3 Logo (Large)The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has received hundreds of complaints from individuals claiming to have found their mug shots posted on various websites. Some of these individuals have stated they were juveniles at the time of their arrests and their records were sealed—and therefore not available to the public. Others have said that the information posted was either incorrect or blatantly false.

When victims requested that the photos be removed from the sites, they were asked to provide copies of their driver’s licenses, court records, and other personal identifying information—putting them at risk for identity theft. They were also told they had to pay a fee…but even then, some pictures were not removed—or if they were taken off one site, they were then posted to a similar site. If victims threatened to report the websites for unlawful practice, the websites’ owners threatened to escalate the damaging information against the victims. If you’ve had a similar experience, please file a complaint at aka aka aka aka TheOnline Predator Watch aka

Extortion ~ Blackmail ~ Scam

Under the guise of protecting society from sex workers, a website has emerged that allows users to post names, locations, phone numbers and pictures of women suspected of prostitution. Potential Prostitutes, which launched in October of this year, alleges that it operates based on user submitted information from “motivated members [within] a community
Welcome to the latest horror of the world wide web, Potential Prostitutes.
The website allows users to label any woman a “potential prostitute” by submitting her photo, phone number and location. This information is then posted on the site without the woman’s consent. If someone wishes to be removed from the site, they are asked to pay a one-time fee of $99.95.
They are Mugshot Operators Masquerading As A Consumer Complaint Sites. It appears like they are affiliates of a major organized group out of Europe/London/India/Sweden/US that plans on harvesting public records for EXTORTION and BLACKMAILING. A father and son team operating in Raleigh, North Carolina and Miami, Florida


They have devised this elaborate scheme
Do Not Pay These Slimes A DIME
Report Them To The Authorities


You need to file a complaint

Related Sites:

  2. warning-notice_5

Michael Wayne King aka Michael W. King aka Wayne Michael King aka Wayne Michael aka Mike King  of Miami, Florida (Dade County) and his accomplices are MikeandAdrianaKingMugshot OPERATORS whose business plans call for harvesting public record databases and posting mugshots of DEADBEAT Dads and others  who engage in predatory practices online in an attempt to EXTORT money from these alleged predators. We know his Dad who live in Raleigh AND Charlotte, North Carolina surroundings is involve.

Anyone who have had a mugshot taken, or someone engaging in predatory practices online or even responding to ad on dating sites including personal ADS are prime targets.

His websites and are full of tirade against his former employer Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services including his bosses and co-workers.





who owns the domain

Address lookup
canonical name

Domain Whois record

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Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Name Server: NS.PRQ.SE
Name Server: NS2.PRQ.SE
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 28-oct-2012
Creation Date: 28-oct-2012
Expiration Date: 28-oct-2013

Last update of whois database: Thu, 03 Jan 2013 15:29:42 UTC

Queried with “”…

Visit for more information about

Domain name:

Registrant Contact:
Gottfrid Swartholm ()

Box 1206
Stockholm, SE 114 79

Administrative Contact:
Gottfrid Swartholm (
Box 1206
Stockholm, SE 114 79

Technical Contact:
Gottfrid Swartholm (
Box 1206
Stockholm, SE 114 79

Status: Locked

Name Servers:

Creation date: 28 Oct 2012 19:28:16
Expiration date: 28 Oct 2013 19:28:00

Get Noticed on the Internet! Increase visibility for this domain name by listing it at

Network Whois record

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% Information related to ‘ –’

inetnum: –
netname: A84-22-109-0
descr: Republic CyberBunker National Network 109
admin-c: CBMT1-RIPE
tech-c: CBMT1-RIPE
country: AQ
mnt-by: MNT-CB3ROB
mnt-lower: MNT-CB3ROB
mnt-routes: MNT-CB3ROB
changed: 20121222
source: RIPE

role: Ministery of Telecommunications
address: One CyberBunker Avenue
address: CB-31337
address: CyberBunker-1
address: Republic CyberBunker
mnt-by: MNT-CB3ROB
admin-c: CBMT1-RIPE
tech-c: CBMT1-RIPE
nic-hdl: CBMT1-RIPE
changed: 20121127
source: RIPE

% Information related to ‘’

descr: R84-22-96-0
origin: AS34109
mnt-by: MNT-CB3ROB
changed: 20100330
source: RIPE

% This query was served by the RIPE Database Query Service version 1.47.5 (WHOIS1)

DNS records

DNS query for failed: TimedOut
name class type data time to live IN A 14400s (04:00:00) IN SOA
serial: 2012111702
refresh: 7200
retry: 3600
expire: 604800
minimum ttl: 3600
10800s (03:00:00) IN NS 10800s (03:00:00) IN NS 10800s (03:00:00) IN MX
preference: 0
14400s (04:00:00)

— end —

Read More….. Complaint
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Omega Enterprises USA ~

Our investigation revealed that is own and operated by scamalertOmega Enterprises USA ~ who we believe also operate, and appears to be the owner behind the sites listed below.


This individual is a mugshot operator with a business model that includes harvesting of public records for EXTORTION and BLACKMAILING purposes.

  1. Registrant Contact Information:
    Omega Enterprises USA, Inc.
    P.O.Box 770482
    Miami Florida 33177
    United States
  2. Corporate Info
    100 South Biscayne Boulevard
    Miami, Florida 33131
    Phone: (888) 658.0994
    FAX: (888) 658.0994
  3. Wiki Warnings – North Carolina
    3110 Hidden Pond Drive
    Raleigh, NC 27613
  4. Sales Inquiries
    Phone: (888)658-0994
  5. Elite Consulting Services
    Store Address
    PO Box 770482
    Miami, FL 33177
    Phone Number: (305)610-3581

CorporationWiki ~ Companies at this address:
PO Box 770482 Miami, FL 33177
Gleam Auto Body Shop, Inc.


About Us

Tab #1 Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. software development company is the web and mobile application development services division. Today, the Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. company team has grown to about 100 people working together to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction while also helping each business or company achieve their unique needs.
Tab #2 We are a professional services software development company and provide IT Consulting service to other companies. More specifically, Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. provides software development service, i.e develop software for other companies. Within years of entering the information technology industry, Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. has gained exceptional experience in agile software development, software integration, technical support and maintenance, web application development and other programming services for big and small companies.

Tab #3The following competitive advantages allow our company to offer better quality of service to our customers:

Agile MethodologiesWe follow agile software development methodologies at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc.. These are modern methodologies which evolved along with web technologies and to specifically well suited with web application development. They enable short development cycles and delivery of working software on early stages of software projects, as early as 1 month after start even for big  projects.

Expert Developers

The staff at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. is well trained certified developers with expert knowledge in relevant technologies and proven experience.

Risk Free Project Execution

At Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. we offer customers to create a high fidelity prototype of the software instead of writing long and complex specifications. As a result risk of miscommunication about software features and functions is greatly reduced and customer satisfaction with our company increases.


We offer convenient service.

  • We have company local representatives who are there for customers to assist them and streamline communication.
  • We adjust our working hours to fit with customer’s schedule at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc..
  • We have automated project tracking and reporting system accessible for customers at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc..
  • We offer flexible payment methods and contract terms at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc..


At Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. we help our customers to create innovative software products. The team in our company consists of experienced Product Managers, Business Analysts and can bring creative ideas about software product features and capabilities and make sure that software is user friendly and easy to use.

Total Solutions

We enhance our core service with complementary services to provide total solutions to companies. Our company provides creative design, hosting, support and maintenance for applications Omega develops.

Quality Guarantee

For all applications we develop at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. we offer “no defects” guarantee. If any defects found we will fix them free of charge.

Success Record

We have record of successful projects at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc..

Contact us and start your successful project with Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. software development company!

Omega Enterprises USA, Inc.® Management Team

Thought Leaders in Software Development

Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. management team has the business and technical experience that develops and builds cutting-edge software developing and services.

Michael King, Chief Executive Officer

Michael King is President and CEO of Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. Mr. king has extensive experience in leading and building businesses in the wireless industry.MikeandAdrianaKing Before joining the Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. team, he served as Managing Member of a business consulting company Elite Consulting Services.

While at Elite, Mr. King was responsible for the strategic direction and implementation of key programs and policies supporting Elite’s local and national third party indirect channels. Prior to this role, he served as the Area of auditor with United States Government, a high profile position where he had full responsibility over fraud and government waste.

Mr. King is a graduate of Purdue University, with a Bachelor of Science and holds a Master of Arts in civil/criminal law. He also participated in several internships and government training which landed him where he is at today.

Jennifer Pedraza aka Jennifer Adriana King, Vice President

For over 12 years, Ms. Pedraza managed a prestigious law firm located in Coral Gables, Florida and would eventually become Vice President of Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. Her legal expertise has provided Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. with an amazing edge over our competitors in providing consulting services. Our clients have the option to hire our firm to take care of any and all problems that may come about.

Ms. Pedraza’s education and expertise, has allowed Omega to explode onto the software world.

Kristie Leigh, Project Manager

Kristie Leigh is the Vice President of Sales for Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. Ms. Leigh brings strong leadership in developing and executing an integrated channel strategy to the team from her extensive experience in leading and building indirect distribution in the wireless industry. She is responsible for the growth and overall success of the sales team.

Before joining Omega Enterprises USA, inc., Ms. Leigh served as the West Region General Manager for Omega, a wireless Internet start up. Prior to Omega, she served in director level roles for almost all distribution channels at Sprint Nextel, where she managed channels at the field, market, and region levels.

Ms. Leigh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications from Notre Dame University. She also participated in the Strategy Business Leadership Certificate program at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

Omega Enterprises USA, Inc.

Current Visitors Complaint
555 based on 1000ratings Owner’s Bio

IC3 Warns of Criminals Using Mug Shots to Extort Victims

IC3 Logo (Large)The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has received hundreds of complaints from individuals claiming to have found their mug shots posted on various websites. Some of these individuals have stated they were juveniles at the time of their arrests and their records were sealed—and therefore not available to the public. Others have said that the information posted was either incorrect or blatantly false.

When victims requested that the photos be removed from the sites, they were asked to provide copies of their driver’s licenses, court records, and other personal identifying information—putting them at risk for identity theft. They were also told they had to pay a fee…but even then, some pictures were not removed—or if they were taken off one site, they were then posted to a similar site. If victims threatened to report the websites for unlawful practice, the websites’ owners threatened to escalate the damaging information against the victims. If you’ve had a similar experience, please file a complaint at

This individual harvests public records for EXTORTION and BLACKMAILING purposes. He has an obsession with Law Enforcement

About Me

My name is Michael King, [] and I began my career by earning a Criminology Degree at Vincennes University located in Vincennes, Indiana. During my MikeandAdrianaKingstay at Vincennes University, I became a member of the Law Enforcement Association where I attended several seminars and training courses regarding white collar crime.

I continued my academic pursuits in earning an additional degree in Pre Law from Purdue University. After working as an Officer with the Starke County Sheriff’s Department in Indiana, I made my move to Miami, Florida in 1998.

I worked for two years as an Insurance Fraud Investigator and then as a Legal Specialist with the Office of the State Attorney.

I then further pursued a career as an Investigator with the state with the adult crimes division. After serving nearly five years with adult crimes, I was promoted to an Investigator with the Office of Inspector General working directly under the Governor of the state of Florida in 2006.

After working for the Office of Inspector General, I accepted a position of investigator with the Florida Department of Agriculture. It was here that I learned of businesses supporting the state through fines which were issued by the Department including myself.

Millions of dollars a year are given to the state by Florida businesses due to the lack of knowledge, mismanagement, language barrier, and negligence on behalf of the government.

Our goal is to aid Florida businesses that are regulated by the government and above all, those who have fell victim to the governments money motivated inspections. It is our belief that the government should obtain their monies through means other than through hard working Florida business owners.

  • Florida Department of Agriculture New Policy
    October 27, 2010 | 7:18 amNumber of View: 2772The Florida Department of Agriculture has a new policy. If your business requires a license from the Florida Department of Agriculture you will need to read this. If you forget to renew your license on (example) May 1, 2010,on May 2, 2010 your fine will be mailed to your business. The average
  • Miami Dade Police Inspection LBT
    October 25, 2010 | 2:32 amNumber of View: 2956Miami Dade Police are currently making rounds to unsuspected businesses who have failed to renew their Local Business Tax (LBT) licenses. Most people think that this is simply another license to hang on the wall, and if you are one of these who believe this you are in for a rude awakening.

Call today for a free consultation
1-888 343-6820

Elite Consulting Services USA, is a unique consulting company. We are pioneers in our field as there are no other business that offer the same services and protection that our firm offers. Our company is compiles of several different professionals such as, former investigators, paralegals, engineers, architects, to name a few. The majority of our work is from referrals which tells us that we are doing something right. We have clients in nearly every state, and a few abroad. We take great pride in what we do, and most of all, we enjoy protecting your business.

What we stand for is simple respect, professionalism, and accountability. We believe that these three ingredients should be present when conducting a business. When I mention respect, professionalism, and accountability, I am describing how a government official and or office should act. Too many times have I witnessed a government agency bullying a small business for no cause other than to express their “power.’ Let me be the first to say, this is going to stop. No more exploiting small businesses for fines, no more surprise “inspections”, no more corrupt government.

My office works in conjunction with some of the top law firms that Florida has to offer. We are dedicated to ensure that all of our clients are taken care of and treated with respect and integrity. aka

Join The Class Action Lawsuit Against Mugshot Websites

google warning

We first discovered Potential Predators, then The Online-Predators Watch, follow by Wiki Warnings, preceded Potential Prostitutes, preceded by aka, now Bad Renter Report ~


The operator(S) ARE MUGSHOTS OPERATOR(S) Masquerading as consumer complaint sites.

From what we’ve investigated, it appears like they offer AFFILIATES the opportunity to SELL SERVICES i.e. MUGSHOTS and BACKGROUND searches and are affiliated with some of the major organized groups out of Europe/LFraud Alertondon/India/Sweden/US-Los Angeles that plans on harvesting public records for EXTORTION PURPOSES and BLACKMAIL. A father and son team operating in Raleigh, North Carolina and Miami, Florida
Other Sites Associated With This Scam of Harvesting Public Records for EXTORTION and BLACKMAILING:

  2. warning-notice_5

The Operator is harvesting public record databases and sending out bulk email informing individual that they have been added to their database. They are MikeandAdrianaKingrequesting a $99.99 fee removal.

They are claiming that the operator is one Michael Wayne King. SFA investigation as published online show that there are several other handlers associated with this scam. The mastermind or CEO behind this resides in the Miami, Florida area.

It is worth noting that these scam artists copy home addresses of and other real estate listings including those listed with counties and cities and list these addresses on sites they own and operate.

Michael Wayne King aka Wayne Michael King is a Mugshot OPERATOR that harvests public record databases and post mugshots of DEADBEAT Dads and others and try to EXTORT money from these folks. His websites are full of tirade against people including his boss and co-workers. WHAT A SLIME.


Registrant Contact Information:
Omega Enterprises USA, Inc.
P.O.Box 770482
Miami Florida 33177
United States

Wiki Warnings – North Carolina
3110 Hidden Pond Drive
Raleigh, NC 27613

Please be advised that this information was provided by the customer. Therefore, Domains By Proxy cannot guarantee its accuracy. If any of the information proves to be invalid, please let us know and we’ll take steps to request updated information from our customer. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Address lookup
canonical name
Domain Whois record

Queried with “dom”…

BadRentReport warning-notice3

Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientRenewProhibited
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Updated Date: 28-dec-2012
Creation Date: 28-dec-2012
Expiration Date: 28-dec-2013

Last update of whois database: Wed, 02 Jan 2013 15:10:03 UTC <<<

Queried with “”…

Registered through:, LLC (
Created on: 28-Dec-12
Expires on: 28-Dec-13
Last Updated on: 28-Dec-12

Domains By Proxy, LLC
14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains By Proxy, LLC
14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax — (480) 624-2598

Technical Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains By Proxy, LLC
14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax — (480) 624-2598

Domain servers in listed order:

Network Whois record

Queried with “n″…

NetRange: –
OriginAS: AS26496
NetHandle: NET-97-74-0-0-1
Parent: NET-97-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
Comment: Please send abuse complaints to
RegDate: 2008-08-14
Updated: 2012-02-24

OrgName:, LLC
Address: 14455 N Hayden Road
Address: Suite 226
City: Scottsdale
StateProv: AZ
PostalCode: 85260
Country: US
RegDate: 2007-06-01
Updated: 2012-03-15
Comment: Please send abuse complaints to

OrgTechHandle: NOC124-ARIN
OrgTechName: Network Operations Center
OrgTechPhone: +1-480-505-8809

OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE51-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Abuse Department
OrgAbusePhone: +1-480-624-2505

OrgNOCHandle: NOC124-ARIN
OrgNOCName: Network Operations Center
OrgNOCPhone: +1-480-505-8809

RNOCName: Network Operations Center
RNOCPhone: +1-480-505-8809

RAbuseHandle: ABUSE51-ARIN
RAbuseName: Abuse Department
RAbusePhone: +1-480-624-2505

RTechHandle: NOC124-ARIN
RTechName: Network Operations Center
RTechPhone: +1-480-505-8809
RTechRef: Complaint
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